What we have learned this year

"Page 365 of 365. Are you ready to close this book?" A very common quote you can read all over Social Media the past few days. But seriously: Are you ready? We want to share our thoughts on this. Personally. Honestly. Imperfectly. Our very last blog post for 2016 will tell you, what we have learned this year and what it means to us to close Β the chapter titled 2016.

"At the top of each year I don't focus on changing my perspective come January 1st. I found that making a thematic cree that my life and habits would magically change once this calendar day came seemed very unrealistic to me. While these feelings of starting anew work for many and is such a wonderful approach, when it works.

I found that my new year needed to began in November. Whatever new habits I want to start doing in 2017, I started in 2016 with the mindset that I'd taking developed, practiced new habits into the New Year. 2016 was all about manageable objectives. Each month I broke down my "to-do" and would only focus on completing 3 things-for the month- at a time. This allowed me to produce quality over quantity, feel less overwhelmed, and be realistic about my time.

2016 I found a new way to manage goal-setting, patiences, and producing work. Looking forward to keep these habits into 2017 and beyond."

Ally Love

"I went into 2016 thinking this was going to be the best year ever and I wasn't far off! It was a year I really focused on improving myself and for once I allowed myself to be selfish. Self improvement meets preparation giving me the confidence I needed to say, "I got this!" This past year has really allowed me to show off who I am, not to other people, but to myself because at the end of the day it is me who needs to be happy with the things that I have done in my life. I found out how strong I am in 2016 in my mind and body by just putting a little love into myself. Here's to more gamechanging in 2017!"

Faye Farrales

"2016 has been a year full of change for me. I was working as a full time television media buyer while auditioning and taking dance classes to further my dance career. There came a day where all I could think about is how much more time I needed to spend doing what I love. I took the very frightening, but needed leap of faith and left my full time job. Making the move made me feel so powerful even though I knew different types of challenges were headed my way. As a dancer, your look and network is EVERYTHING. Yes it's a competitive industry to be in, but when did anyone say it would be easy? I love the challenge of being pushed to be better each+everyday, learning by trial +error, and meeting numerous amounts of people with a similar passion. I've learned that this was the most important decision that I made in 2016. My internal drive and hard working mindset took over and lead me to the best place I could possibly be.

The drive I have is what lead me to The Love Squad. I couldn't be happier to be a part of this movement and be on the forefront of it. Being inclusive + inspiring others to be EXACTLY who they are brings me so much joy. The opportunities I've had that have been learning lessons for me are endless, but the most important things I've learned is don't let one hard day make you think you are not good enough to continue. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close the gap, and your work will be as good as you ambitions."

Kelsey Carson

"2016 was the year of changes for me. Looking back I feel like my whole life has changed. I have changed as a person also. I have learned to believe in myself! To have faith in my abilities! I'm convinced that without a humble but reasonable confidence in my own powers I cannot be successful or happy. As a runner and as a person I always go the extra mile. It's a common quote "that the extra mile is never crowded", right? My extra miles in 2016 were super crowded. It wasn't easy. BUT I'm stronger now. I'm faster. I'm a new me. I decided for myself that 2017 is going to be my best year ever. With the Love Squad by my side I'll have inspiring and supportive women next to me and I'm more than grateful for that."

Sabrina Wieser