6 Steps To Stay Hydrated

Weather you're training or not, water remains the most important nutrient in our body. Staying hydrated is a 365 days challenge and no matter what temperature it is outside: It's vital you drink water to keep your body well hydrated. These are our very personal six steps to ensure we're always hydrated and ready to take on the toughest workouts.

6 super easy steps to stay hydrated


First of all: be consistent

If you wait until you're thirsty, you already dehydrated. You need to drink water at regular intervals throughout the day to ensure adequate hydration. If you tend to forget to drink try setting an alarm that reminds you.

Do it first thing girl

Drinking when you wake up is an easy way to get a jumpstart on your hydration for the day and to elevate your metabolism. Your body is in a dehydrated state after a long sleep and will need water.

No "bs" please

Make sure the bulk of your fluid consumption comes from pure water or healthy water-based caffeine free beverages such as unsweetened teas or hot herbal teas. Diet sodas, coffee and other caffeinated beverages can actually have a dehydrating effects on the body so don't count them towards your daily water intake.

Attention before you're training

Make sure you're well hydrated heading into your training, particularly if you'll be training in a hot environment. A good guideline is to drink approximately two cups of water 2-3 hours before exercise and 1-2 cups of water immediately before training.

AND while you're training...

Strive for one cup of water for every 15 minute of exercise and more in extreme temperatures.

Don't forget: rehydrate after as well

After training make an effort to drink 2-3 cups of water within two hours to rehydrate. Continue to drink consistently after training to replenish fluids lost which will help prevent impending muscle soreness and facilitate recovery.

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