Early Birds Like Amanda and Maggie from AMsweat

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Love Squad, this is a guest blog from Amanda and Maggie from @AMsweat.

Our story begins 7 years ago when we were placed together as roommates at FIT, (The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.) After two and a half years of intense sewing projects, illustration classes, all-nighters, one too many boxes of Mallomars, uber-competitive art students, tetanus shots and plenty of tears- it goes without saying that we let a lot of our ‘healthier’ habits fall by the wayside as we tried to keep our heads above water.

We got used to feeling that 4 hours of sleep was sufficient and schlepping our portfolios and garment bags from our dorm to the classroom could substitute as a workout. Not a lifestyle we could keep up forever. It was only when we entered the real world that we discovered we were in charge of our own lives. Yes, our work hours were overwhelming in the fashion industry, but we needed to make the time to workout properly AND have social lives. THAT is why we started @AMsweat!

Here are some steps we took to helping us become the early-rising, fit-girlies we always wanted to be!


Kid you not, we both lay out our full workout gear the night before, from our hair ties to our socks. Since we live in NYC, the gym prep is no joke as we have to take everything with us for the day- there is no car to leave extra stuff in. We make mental, (or quite literal) checklists of EVERYTHING we will need throughout the day: outfit for work, lunch, purse, coffee, snacks, shower stuff- all of it, the night before. Maggie is convinced that if there is even just one thing that she is missing or forgot to pack- it makes all the difference between being late and being on time to work out, making it to that $$$$ class, or even getting out of bed to workout at all. We are steadfast believers that night prep is the biggest factor in successfully getting yourself going in the A.M.

Ring the alarm!

Set 1, set 6, set 20, set 50 alarms, (we’ve all seen that meme) it doesn’t matter. Do whatever it takes to get your b-cheeks out of bed! You’ll just want to hit snooze and snuggle back into your comforter but… don’t. It’s that hardest thing to get used to, but post workout you will be forever grateful that you woke up early.


Shocker. Going to bed EARLIER than you usually do...makes it WAY easier when you get up at the crack of dawn to work out. This is probably the most painless change to make in concept...but when you're hard wired to stay up late, and still consider being in bed by midnight an early night, it is a really difficult adjustment to make. A solid night's sleep will definitely put you in a better mood and help you see and feel results from your workout much faster.


Commit to working out with a friend or attending an early morning class. Misery loves company, so seeing your heavy-eyed workout-buddy at 7:00am try to do a normal downward dog while yawning and almost falling over is so much more entertaining than doing it alone. Plus, let's not underestimate the very real power of guilt. Many times when we think we’re going to get up to work out alone… it doesn't happen. The innate ability to justify why we deserve sleep over that workout- wins more often than we’d care to admit. BUT when you have to meet a friend? The guilt of bailing on them, changing plans last minute or snoozing to the point of missing everything are apparently what we need to get a move on. Serious props to classpass for not even using guilt to motivate you- they just go for the cold hard cash no- show penalties. You don't want to get up in the morning? Sign up for a class that auto charges and after one or two hits to your bank account for snoozing - you'll be busting those glutes sprinting for the subway at 5:00am to not miss that bootcamp class at KORE:)


Get on Spotify and create a playlist of feel good tunes that make you want to move your bod. Even listening to a little pump-up beats on the way to the gym helps you remember why you're up before the sun is. Some solid jock jams help make functioning at that hour juuuust a tiny bit easier. It’s the little things folks.


Set normal human goals. Telling yourself you're going to start A.M. workouts 5 days a week when you usually go to bed at 1am...is setting yourself up to crash and burn. Don't force too many early work outs if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle. You will only begin to resent the early morning sweat sesh and feel disappointed. Aim for a real target and start there! BABY STEPS!


Try new things! Both our brains and our muscles grow tired of doing the same old routine. You run yourself into boredom. Zoned out of zumba? Try something else! Youtube offers zillions of workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home. If your city offers classpass or other group classes- give them a try! We never thought we would have loved Overthrow Underground Boxing or Y7’s Hip-Hop Hot Yoga even a year ago!! Nothing makes Amanda happier than doing crow pose while listening to J.Cole :)


In the end, A.M. workouts might not be for everyone...but we are pretty convinced that if the two of US, late night fools, could go from night owls to early birdies- ANYONE can do it! Once you get after it a few times, it is easy to become addicted to the feeling of having your workout done for the day!


BIG LOVE!! Amanda and Maggie @AMsweat

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