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New Years Motivation And How To Keep It

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As the new year draws closer, most of us are making our New Year's Resolutions. It's important to think about what you're going to do to maintain your consistency with your effort. But will next year really be any different? Asking yourself this question now, before 2017 even hits is the first thing you should be doing to guarantee your success. We have some great methods that you can use this coming year to stay motivated to push onwards with your fitness goals.


The very first thing that you should do to ensure that you stay on track as the year passes by is to make sure that you're anticipating any obstacles that may occur in advance. So many people simply wait for them to happen. By the time the obstacle is occurring though, you're in full panic state and don't have a clue how to deal with it. Instead, before you even get going make a list of everything that could potentially come between you and your results. Whether it's diet related, workout related, or otherwise, write it down. Once you have that down, then write down three solutions that you can use to overcome this problem. Now that you have your solutions, you have an immediate way out. If the obstacle should arise, you simply implement your solution and maintain the course of the program.


Next, it's also important to identify any motivational interrupters as well. This could be one particular friend who always seems to have to visit a fast food location whenever you are visiting with each other or a volunteer activity you signed up for that always manages to be occurring at a time when you'd normally do your scheduled workout session. By looking at whatever it is that can interrupt your motivation, you can then look at ways you can possibly overcome this, or perhaps in some cases, prioritize what's really important to you and move on from that interrupter. You have to make some sacrifices to reach your goals and it won't always be easy.


Another key thing that must be in place if you're going to stick with your New Year's Resolutions this time around is to make sure that you set both long and short term goals. So many people are fast to set their sights on that long term goal, which is great, but then forget to set mini goals that they'll strive for along the way. When you're only focused on that long-term goal at the very end of the road, sometimes it's very easy to lose sight of it. If you happen to do this, that's when it'll be easier to take an alternate path - a path away from a healthy way of life altogether. If you set short-term goals that will help you move closer to that long term goal in the big picture, with each short-term goal that you reach, your motivational level will be pushed higher.



Another thing that you should be doing come this new year is to make sure that you're also focusing on what you're doing right. Far too many people are quick to focus on all the things that they're doing wrong with their program and all this does is places them in a negative frame of mind. While you still do definitely need to identify when you move away from the path you should be on as denial is no way to go about things, don't ever neglect what you are doing to help see success. Focus on the good. A positive mind set is super important when it comes to realizing success.


Finally, make an effort to also set more than one goal as you go about your program plan, class schedule or running training plan. If you have a few goals set - say one that's related to body weight and body fat levels, and then another couple that are performance based goals, then if one goal happens to be not quite going as you had wanted, you won't feel so discouraged if the other is moving along nicely. The more goals you are working towards the greater chances that you will see success in one of them along the way.

So keep all these points in mind as you move into the New Year. It's great to set a good New Year's Resolution and we're super proud of you already. We're in this together. Leave your goals for 2017 in the comments. We can't wait to hear them.