3 Reasons Why Body Weight Training Is Good For You

No gym? No problem! A tighter butt, a flatter stomach or strong, toned arms – sound enticing? Awesome! Today, we have 3 reasons why bodyweight training is perfect for busy women on the go – just like you.

Team Body Weight Training: 3 reasons why you should join!

1. Work out anywhere, anytime

Are you traveling a lot? Do you have tons to do at work? Or you just don't like going to a gym? The handy thing about bodyweight training is that you can do your workout anywhere, anytime. You can do it at home in front of the TV, during your lunch break at work or even in your hotel room if you are on a business trip. Thanks to bodyweight training you don’t need a gym or have to worry about opening hours. You find a lot of great workouts online and you can do them anywhere and anytime.

2. An effective way to burn fat

Would you like to build muscle and burn fat at the same time? Then bodyweight training is right for you. You don’t have to invest a lot of time in training with your own body weight, but you do have to give it everything you got during the workout! Trust us, you’ll break a sweat in no time. The idea is to jumpstart your metabolism and to take advantage of the afterburn effect to continue burning calories after your strenuous workout is over. Isn’t that reason enough to give bodyweight training a chance?

3. It works many different muscle groups

Muscles are important – for women, too! But don’t worry: Bodyweight training will not turn you into a muscular she-man. Compared to men, this is not even possible due to women’s lower testosterone levels. What it will do is help you shape your body. The workouts activate many different muscle groups at the same time, thus strengthening your entire body while burning maximum calories. Strong muscles (for example, in your lower back) are also important when you sit a lot – whether at work or in a car. Say goodbye to back pain! Last but not least, strong muscles support your skeleton. This is especially important if you want to protect your bones from wearing down in old age. Postmenopausal women, in particular, are at a high risk for developing osteoporosis. So if you work out now, your body will thank you later.