Hangover Cure Workout

Whether your body is hungover from a late night out and too much wine, or from yesterday's especially grueling workout, these restorative moves will work magic and bring you back to life. Inspired by YouTuber Kym Perfetto we found this hangover cure workout that'll cure your alcohol-soaked mind or your super-sore body. (Bonus: You can also use this as a warm-up for a more intense workout like high-intensity interval training or Tabata.) How it works: Do each move for 1 minute.

Roll-Ups A. Lie faceup on the floor, arms stretched overhead and knees slightly bent so heels rest on mat. B. Exhale, keeping arms straight, and roll body up to vertical, stretching arms forward over feet. C. Inhale, rolling torso back down to the mat then extending arms overhead to return to starting position.

Russian Twists A. Sit with chest lifted, knees slightly bent, and heels lightly resting on mat. B. Press palms together and rotate hands to right side, then left side, trying to touch the floor. Continue alternating.

Side Plank Pulse A. Begin in an elbow plank on the right side. B. Drop hips a few inches, then squeeze your obliques to return to start. (To modify, lower to the right knee.) C. Do one round on the right side and one round on the left side.

Push-Up to Cobra A. Lie facedown with palms flat on the floor directly under shoulders. B. Press up into a high plank position, keeping core tight. Lower body back down to floor. C. Press chest away from floor, keeping hips and legs on the floor to come into a cobra stretch. Lower chest to return to starting position.

Squats with Arms Overhead A. Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart and arms raised overhead, palms facing in. B. Shift weight back over heels and lower into a squat, keeping chest lifted. C. Press through heels to return to starting position.

Lunge with Twist A. Stand with feet together and arms stretched forward, palms pressed together. B. Step forward with right leg into lunge, then twist to point fingertips to the right side. C. Face forward, then press through right heel to return to starting position. Continue alternating sides, twisting the direction of the front foot.

Single-Leg Bear Crawl A. Stand with feet together and arms stretched overhead. Lift right foot a few inches off the ground. B. Hinge at the hips to place hands on the floor, extending right leg backward. Walk hands forward until in plank position, right foot still hovering off the ground. C. Lift hips and walk hands back toward left foot, right leg extending backward. Lift chest to return to standing, right leg still hovering off the floor. D. Switch feet and repeat on the left side. Continue alternating.

Lateral Lunge with Reach A. Stand with feet together. B. Take a large step out to the side with the right foot, coming into a lateral lunge. Sink low into the lunge, weight in heels, reaching left arm out past right foot. C. Return to start, then repeat on the left side. Continue alternating.


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