Meet & Love: Kick Your Game

Kick Your Game is a group of passionate sneakerheads that are using their love of sneakers as a way to positively connect with others while making social change. Kick Your Game wants to extinguish the stigmatic definition of what it means to be a “sneakerhead”, and introduce the world to the many different individuals that play a part in defining this term. Kick Your Game is giving a platform to those who are brave enough to speak up, be individuals and incite change. Sounds a lot like the Love Squad mentality, doesn't it?

It all started on the basketball court

 Before Kick Your Game founders, Mateo Jamison and Nathaniel Mcpherson became business partners, their relationship started as Coach/Player on the basketball court. As time went on, Nathaniel and Coach Mateo realized that they shared an undying love for sneakers, and its surrounding culture. The two sat down, candidly discussing future plans, goals and desires; then the idea of hosting their own sneaker exposition was formulated. “What will we call it?” Kick Your Game. Soon after the name was created, Mateo and Nate realized that there was more to the phrase “Kick Your Game” than just a cool reference to sneakers.


Give in and Give Back

“Kick Your Game” is a phrase that encourages one to express themselves on any given topic or current events. The person may choose to “kick their game” vocally, by writing, visually, artistically, fashionably, just however that individual sees fit. In order to debunk the idea that sneakerheads are self-centered, materialistic hoarders; we challenge all sneakerheads that we come in contact with to “Give in and Give Back!” by donating new/gently used sneakers/shoes to be given to the less fortunate. Kick Your Game is dedicated to serving our community by way of our passion for footwear.

Kick Your Game believes that one’s passion should never be degraded shamed or judged. Whether it is a passion for science, math, music, art or sneakers. Passion must be nurtured, encouraged and handled with care. At Kick Your Game, you'll find young individuals that are pro-passion hoping that we all learn, begin, or continue to KICK OUR GAME!

Check out: Brooklyn's newest Sneaker Expo

Come KICK YOUR GAME and buy/sell/trade with some of the city's most elite Sneakerheads!! Brooklyn's newest Sneaker Expo hosted at the illustrious Brooklyn Stuydome. Check out their Facebook for detailed information. And get your tickets for the expo here.


Sun, January 15, 2017

1:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST


The Brooklyn Stuy-dome

312 Kosciuszko Street

Brooklyn, NY 11221