"Why workout if you still don't like what you see in the mirror?"

This past Tuesday I had the privilege to host a Wanderlust x adidasWomen event with my good friend, and yoga boss, Adriene Mishler, founder of YogawithAdriene. After a sweatfest of a Hip Hop Cardio workout, lead by me, and 30 minutes of guided yoga by Adriene we continued our conversation reached a peak over lunch. Between bites of eggs and cheddar biscuits {I decided to try something new at 10:3oam} we reached a point in the conversation that open the gate way of wet emotions. We hit a chord that  was not only profound but game changing, at least for us. It is necessary for all of us, all women,  to recognize that all of us workout so much, we push so hard but we can do so without recognizing that there's rarely, if EVER, a moment where we have accepted our progress, we identify our beauty, we accept those compliments, completely.  We wouldn't go as far as to say that we  look "bad", but we all are guilty of wanting more... more abs, to be more toned, to be more skinny, to lose more weight.

Now don't get me wrong. Getting fitter, reaching your goals, or toning up is not a problem. The unsettling part is that most times we are working out for the wrong things, for the wrong reasons. We are looking to be fulfilled by an  ever-changing body and satisfaction by fitting into a size 0 when the truth is our insides, our self-worth, is not tied up with a jean size, its determined by the virtue, values we hold true in our life's mission.

"Why workout if you still don't like what you see in the mirror?"

A sense of fulfillment is where the realness lies.  No matter how many classes a week we take, or how often a day we get in a sweat, do we finally feel good about our complete selves? If we are truly honesty,  we can admit there are times we do feel "good" but it last a day or so. I say only a few because at one sight of jiggle, or feeling of bloat, the gnawing thought of hitting the gym or going for a run, will haunt us until we "work it off".

But here's the GOOD NEWS, here 's the takeaway. This feeling goes deeper than physical appearance. It reaches beyond an Instagram sweaty selfie that demonstrates the box you just checked by working out to show your followers that you're about "that" life. We can all fail to recognize that we need to get our insides in shape if we EVER want to feel our best selves. To quote Adriene again, "we need to clear our inner-ecosystem".

Lack of life purpose, suppressed anger, unhealthy eating habits, impatience {the struggle is real}, passive aggressiveness, lack of confidence, fear of conflict...and the list goes on. It's messy inside and while it will probably never get clean, or completely organized, we must make to be fulfilled by the life-long, purpose driven, LOVE that is the only that can own your deepest space.

Let's stop working OUT so much and start working IN. Its time to shake things up, break the piggy bank and see how much you really have inside. Then start to let go of those things holding you down, lighten the burden you've had to carry every time you did HIIT, release that intimidation you had to balance in every tree pose, and get rid of that extra weights you had to bench press.

Love Squad, we workout for one objective every time we are together. We aim to change from the inside out by creating physical change that thoroughly changes our spiritual and/or mental.

If you're working OUT without consciously working IN...I suggest you stop. Lighten your load– Go slow to eventually go fast.

Start Loving yourself for real, this time.