Nutritional Cleansing and how to benefit from it

This is a guest blog post from Natalie Drenovac, who has been a huge supporter of Love Squad for a while now.

With New Years Resolutions creating a hot mess of society - What would it mean to you to lose weight, gain energy, get the junk out of your body and feel better than you ever imagined? What would it mean to you if I told you it was possible?

Benefits of Nutritional Cleansing

Nutritional Cleansing is the buzz phrase right now. It’s everywhere. But what exactly is Nutritional Cleansing and how can it benefits you? Firstly, I eat well. Like, really well. Before I started the program I was smashing myself 6 days week in the gym and always focused on eating clean, wholefoods, and always organic where possible. But, before starting the program I just felt sluggish, bloated & ultimately, that I wasn’t getting the results I really deserved for the diligence I was putting in. Something just wasn’t right.

The difference between eating ‘food’ & having ‘nutrition’

Enter Nutritional Cleansing & finally understanding there’s a huge difference between eating ‘food’ & having ‘nutrition’. What I learnt was an eye-opener. Our body accumulates impurities due to stress, poor diet and pollution. Nutritional Cleansing nourishes our body with nutrition packed foods, vitamins & minerals and helps our body and circulatory system clear out those unwanted chemicals and impurities.

It can assist you to: • Lose weight • Improve overall health • Reduce stress • Build lean muscle • Improve muscle recover • Better sleep (.. hallelujah!)

Poor food choices (along with lifestyle and environment) are huge factors for creating a toxic environment in our body. Toxicity creates inflammation, which results in poor body functioning. This may show up as fatigue, sluggishness, poor sleep quality, poor ability to cope with stress, lack of concentration, constipation, pain and stiffness and the real downer, weight gain. This program is based around addressing toxicity and inflammation on a cellular level. Eating good food is number one, but if you can’t get rid of the built up junk, sometimes you need some assistance. Inflammation and toxicity are two of the biggest problems with today’s health.

Use FTA approved products

This system ensures we get ALL the vitamins, nutrients, amino acids and trace minerals that we need. And not only need to ‘function’ but to stand out, to bounce through the day with ease, to allow our bodies to absorb and assimilate the nutrients required, and to regain the vitality we are born with. Along with a healthy diet of course.

My best recommendation is a complete 30- day nutritional cleansing program – by using FTA approved products you’re able to jump start weight loss quickly and safely.

Contact me for further information, I’d love to help you with your own health journey and help you feel as good as your body was designed to.

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