A Day Without Women?

Love Squad, the organizers of the Women's March are just getting started. A "Day Without Women" Strike is happening soon.

The people who brought us the Women's March are about to bring us a Day Without Women. Can you believe that? What does that even mean? 3 weeks after the wildly successful post–Inauguration Day protest that saw hundreds of thousands of women and supporters of women descend on Washington, D.C. (and millions of others gathering at nearly 700 sister marches held all over the world), the organizers of the Women's March movement have announced that they're planning yet another landmark demonstration. Okay, let's progress this: A day without us. A day without us being out there... a "general strike"?

No details of the strike have been revealed at this point, other than the fact that it seems to be titled "A Day Without Women." The announcement also notes that the date for the strike has yet to be announced. The caption accompanying the image posted to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram reads, "The will of the people will stand." Well, we will keep you posted!

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