Love yo Self

We all recognize that Valentines Day is either met with contempt or remorse. You love it or you hate it. But, oh how things have changed. For some of us, this day has shifted from a reminder of how we all need to have a "boyfriend/girlfriend" or be in "Love", to recognizing the meaning of Love in the bigger picture. Love doesn't come naturally, its not easy, and I must admit, having a day to help remind us all to get busy Lovin' each other, isn't a bad idea.

Love is so vast that we don't have to do it all the same. So with that being said lets start to Love YO SELF on VDay...making VDay the new Me-Day!

As the founder of The Love Squad, we believe in adapting new, virtuous behavior in your everyday life.  Life-changing skills are powerful and essential in the being a more thoughtful human being. We believe the first step in Loving, at all, begins with sweat, handwork, a increased heart rate, and challenging our cardio vascular system while working towards a healthy approach to life. In recognition of Valentine's Day, consider going for a run, hitting a class, or getting in a gym session to celebrate this Me-Day.

After you've worked yourself up, take a moment to slow it down. Prioritize 5 to 10 minutes to mediate and/or pray. Inner stillness coupled with post-physical exertion makes the perfect partnership. It is balance. Our final step of celebration, this is before the candies and champagne, is to encourage/uplift at least 3 other people today.

Wondering what I mean by that is a fair question. Its simple. Pay someone a compliment, send an encouraging text, recognize someone at work for doing something small-like being organized, sending a timely email etc.

One the best ways to find satisfaction and happiness is to give others the exact treatment you need. Tapping into the power to affect the spirits of those around you is not only available on this one day, but I challenge you to try it out on this day. Don't stop at just one person, go all out. Hit up three people to make them smile, laugh, feel supported, thought-of, and Loved.

As Valentine's Day approach, and you might have thought that Me-Day was going to be full of pampering and massages. I believe that any day that's focused on us will only be fulfilled by spreading our love with others. Making our actions a prime example that we are reflection of those we surround ourselves with will make them better, make them happier one Me-day at a time, and ultimately make you, happy one Me-Day at a time, too.

Rock on Love Squad.