SS16_Salafia_reebok_ny_dance_2133Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and the pressure to be more "in love" or "loving" than usual is on. To be honest, this can be exhausting and, just down right annoying. After years of the VDay emotional roller coaster, I've figured out how to celebrate differently-and I'm not talking about sitting this day out. I mean how to be a part of this day MY WAY. The magical thing about Love is that it's free to give to whomever I choose. So why not give it to those who hold me down daily. I've opted to have more than one Valentine. Actually, I look forward to having as many Valentines as I can. That's right, I'm talking about celebrating my Valentine's Day with my Love Squad.

Wondering what a Love Squad is and if you're a part of one? Well, I can assure you that you most likely are but just haven't realized it yet.

A Love Squad gets down and sweaty together, supports and motivates each other, and, most importantly, empowers one another. Its an inclusive collective that's welcoming but, also helps one another push to the limit to achieve goals. Its a crew of new and old gym buddies, co workers, friends and family.

Take a second and think about these people, write them down, maybe even shoot them an uplifting text. These are your dates for Valentines. There's no question that they will want to spend time with you because guess what, they already do!

While traditional Vday activities can be fun, they're not for everyone. So don't get stuck on spending time with that one perfect person. Spend time with a few perfect persons. Maybe you workout with your girlfriends, have lunch with some run buddies, and end the night with a Love Squad dinner. Valentine's Day will turn out how you want it to once you break the rules of tradition.

And one of the most important things to make sure you break on this day of Love, is a SWEAT. Whatever you do, don't forgo your workout. A good dose of natural endorphins will only kick start the day of Love.

So this year let's Squad up and spread our love. Shout outs to all you new #LoveSquad{ers}




Featuring: Ana Hanks, Ally Love, Emma Lovewell
Wearing: Reebok Women
Photographer: David Salafia

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