3 Steps to Pretty Spring Skin

Pretty Spring Skin Super Easy

Get your prettiest, most glowing skin this spring with this Love Squad step-by-step guide. 
Spring is just around the corner and it's time for a change in your daily routine. Winter months are naturally drier and indoor heat works against us to further decrease the humidity. Our skin needs to stay soft and supple, so we bring out the extra-emollient creams and butters and our skin thanks us for them. But with spring comes an often unnoticed increase in moisture both in the air and in our skin. If we continue to hold that moisture against our skin, especially our faces, we often see unexplained breakouts that last longer than usual. Here are five simple tips that will help effortlessly transition your skin from chilly temps to pleasant months ahead.


Start with your cleanser. Be sure you're using a formula for your natural skin type. We often need to switch to a dry skin formula (think cream oil cleanser) in winter months. Go as gentle as your skin will permit without giving up all the necessary deep cleaning or acne fighting benefits you need to stay looking smooth and polished. It's important to not over-dry or over strip your skin just because its sunny or warmer outside. Instead try a gentle clarifying cleanser that both removes dirt and make-up while leaving skin soft and purified.


This is the perfect time to add a gentle exfoliant to you skincare routine. You're shedding dry skin and want to rid those flakes as soon as possible. Use a very gentle product to keep skin healthy and glowing during the warmer months. Stay away from glycolic, or scrubs with harsh granules that will scratch and irritate the skin, look for ingredients such as lactic acid, or crushed herbs and flowers.


Don't forget the moisturizer, even on the most humid days. Switch to a lighter formula - the more natural ingredients it uses the better. The quickest way to get glowing skin is to use a good facial oil. It will automatically give your skin a healthy shine (not greasy or oily). It is important to nourish your skin. Oil-free products are not always the answer; some oils are actually GOOD for your skin. No doctor would tell you to avoid all fat in your diet and eat 500 calories a day - you would starve! Why would you avoid nourishing oils and starve your skin. While olive oil is praised for its health benefits, so is flax oil and grape seed oil for its cosmetic ones.

Avoid mineral oil and look for cosmetic grade flax seed oil and grape seed oil rich in anti-oxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that are often found in hydrating serums. They help nourish the skin from the inside out and actually help balance and control skin's natural oil production.