Finally, an ad for all strong women

Amazing Muslim Female Athletes

Somehow Nike always manages to inspire us, from the brand's "Just Do It" slogan to the motivating ad campaigns. Now, the cult-favorite company has released a commercial that features Muslim athletes. And it will leave you feeling encouraged and ready to accomplish.

During the opening scene, a woman wearing a hijab peeks outside of her doorway before taking off on a run. Another rides down the middle of the street on a skateboard. In an Arabic voiceover, a woman asks, "What will they say about you?" The question is answered with a list of doubts and fears as one of the athletes is stared down by a man with a disapproving expression. "You shouldn't be out here. It's unladylike. You're not built for this," the voiceover continues. But all of the tough athletes keep going. And then the voice says, "Or maybe they'll say you're strong. That you can't be stopped…Or maybe they'll say that you're the next big thing."

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