Founder Made x Love Squad

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Learning how to start and operate a successful business

Talk about information. Ever wonder where you can go to be in a room filled with inspiring people or get questions answered about life, business, and creativity?  I was fortunate enough to be invited to Founder Made, a conference that held a few panels, a market room of new products, and over 500 people for 6 hours, learning how to start and operate a successful business.

Whenever I am trying to figure out what I should do next, I look for a class to take. I’ve taken language course, writing classes, and On-Camera seminars. I’ve been to Health and Wellness conferences, and I’ve even jumped into impromptu hosting workshops on the street. Founder Made was a great experience to add to my list. It provided personal, informative advice ranging from CEOs to inventors to agents.

As a new entrepreneur with four women working for/with me, I was in need of guidance on how to effective run the amazing talent behind the Love Squad. Since I believe in this movement and how great we could be, I needed to get to a place where I could learn more than what I already knew about managing. In order to be successful, I needed help–but the right kind of help to take my business to the next level. The first step to accomplishing that is to learn how to look for the “right” kind of team.

If you’re ever thinking that asking for help makes you weak, I want you to stop there. There’s NOTHING wrong with figuring out what you don’t know. Having too much pride could eventually hurt your process.

Founder Made provided valuable information in order to take Love Squad to a new place. They lit a match by bottling so much information in one room for a few hours in New York City. A place where creatives aren’t afraid of running wild. A place where we are not afraid of using that match to light a fire to fuel the changes of the world.

The takeaway for me was that this conference only solidified how important getting in the rooms where decisions are being made, and  knowledge/information is being past around like a communion cup.

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