Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017

Monday marked the first day of spring, but let's not say “see you next season” just yet! The Special Olympics World Winter Games is taking place in Graz, Schladming and Ramsau, Austria. The games began March 14th and go through the 25th. An epic sendoff to winter and hello spring with the largest sports and humanitarian event in the world. The World Winter Games have not been back to Austria since 1993 which was the first time they were hosted outside the U.S. Pretty big deal now because the audience is even greater and the athletes continue to impress.

The Special Olympics is considered the worlds largest sports organization for people of intellectual disabilities. There are over 4.7 million athletes in 169 countries living and loving sports!

Dreams to Reality…

The Special Olympics has thousands of competitions around the world every year. The athletes train in 30-plus sports in 169 countries and every two years, there's a World Games competition that shows off the skills of the best! These athletes with the support of everyone (family, friends, etc) including amazing coaches, have guided practices prepping them for the world stage.

2017 Winter Games Sports

Alpine Skiing Cross Country Skiing Figure Skating Floor Hockey Floorball Short Track Speed Skating Snowboarding Snowshoeing Stick Shooting World of Inclusion and Community

As every day human beings we to forget our amazing capabilities! It could be do to us having to focus on so much going on or the fast pace lives we live. Either way we forget how bold, strong, and powerful we are with a simple can do attitude. Watching the Special Olympics is beyond inspiring and joyful! It’s a reminder to simply start, keep going and keep telling yourself you are are capable of anything. As athletes and everyday individuals striving to maintain the healthiest of lifestyles, we must fuel ourselves with the positive energy of anything is possible. Mix that up with a lot of love and encouragement not just for ourselves, but to spread to anyone we come in contact with. Let's then start to become creators and motivators. It does not matter who you are or where you are, we all make up a global community of can’t stop, won’t stop until we reach the top winners!

If its on the snow, ice, or courts winners they are, congrats and cheers to all the athletes of the Winter World Games!

Thanks to Jas Kirk for this amazing article!

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