Coachella Vibes by Ally Love

Love Squad! Sistahs...

I went to my first ever Coachella last week, and I have to say, it was INSANE!

Amongst the great music, scorching 90 degree weather, and group of friends--who surprised me for my birthday celebration-- there was something even more interesting.

It encouraged me to be me, even more. What I mean by that is, we all hear the line “just be yourself”. Even I advise that to our readers, but at a certain point we all can either lose what that means, how that feels, or exactly what to do to get to being “ourselves”.

Coachella Vibes by Ally Love

As I got dressed to go out and trudge through dirt with rest of them, I felt myself heat up with anxiety....was I dress “style-ish” enough, was I too exposed or too covered up these questions kept flowing. Sitting in the bathroom by myself, I had to slow my breathing and literally whisper “get a grip”.  Being at Coachella was nothing to stress about, let alone freak out about for how and what I was wearing. Hey, I can see the superficiality in this situation but what I couldn’t help was the fact that it was happening. After I whispered sweet nothings to myself in the mirror, patted my afro, and literally took a few deep breathes, I put on my shoes and hit the streets-or this case, the huge desert.

With over 75k people around me, I forgot all about my so-called problem. Everyone was so different and so focused on having a blast that there was no space for my wild insecurities.

Having the time of my life

 Later, as I reflected on having the time of my life, I realized how for a brief moment, insecurity in the time of fun, crept in. While I’m in no way ashamed of this, I know that no matter how much you practice or how hard you work on being better, we are never too big for the small “things”.

We are all different---ly the SAME. We are susceptible to the highs and lows with the best of them. Its up to us on preparing ourselves with the tools to take action no matter how much we have progressed.

So with that being said, THANK YOU Coachella for reminding me to love me, be me, and don’t get to high to realized that I’m not exception to the rules, I just BREAK THEM!