FA Cup Semi Finals with Ally Love

Soccer in the US and Futbol everywhere else, but I don't get to caught up in the name too much because I get caught up in the sport. For the first time, I visited London’s Wembley Stadium for the FA Cup Semi Finals between Chelsea and Tottenham, and Arsenal and Manchester City.

Growing up in the U.S we usually become familiar with American Football early on. As a kid my dad and I sang the Monday night football song before I was off to bed at 9pm.... and yes I went to bed at 9pm in High School, not because I had to, but because I was exhausted since I attended a 10 hour performing arts school. Any who, when I moved to New York City, I learned so much about soccer. My childhood was filled with tennis, American football and, of course, basketball. So instead of jumping on a random  futbol team bandwagon when it came time to choose sides during matches in New York, I had the pleasure of meeting my team in person. For most people it happens the other way around. They get crazy over a team and then would do anything to meet them in person. For me, I met them first and then assumed the crazed fan position.

A summer ago, I was hosting an adidas soccer tournament in the upper west side. During this all day sports rendezvous, they surprised the young players and fans with the Chelsea Football Club.

I have been all about the Big Blue

That folks, was when I decided I had found my team to support. From there I have been all about the Big Blue, even when we had that very-bad-most-terrible season last year, I stayed true.

This past weekend, I witnessed these guys defeat Tottenham 4-2 to go on to meet Arsenal in the F A Cup finals at the end of May.

Being a sports fan isn’t {always} about winning, its about sharing a friendly competition, great drinks, and of course snacks with some great friends as you cheer to the top of your lungs when your team scores a GOAL.

This experience was epic and it renewed my love for futbol in a whole new way...fingers crossed as we approach these finals!