3-step program of how I use FRÉ product

We all get beauty products we think work. Whether its because they cost a bucket-load of money or some celebrity sold it to us on a big fancy commercial or billboard. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was a victim but that type of advertisement too. But the upside in all of this is that I can recognize when I find something that really works.

I have broke down a 3-step program of how I use FRÉ product, leaving my favorite for last...FRÉ is the first skincare range for women who work out, specially formulated for sweating skin. I love their products because it's a breakthrough formula that combines organic Argan oil, stem cells and leaf water. For every set sold, an Argan Tree of Life is planted to empower women who harvest Argan oil in Morocco, and protect our planet.

Purify Me.

On a good day, I’m either in a rush or just don’t have the space in my bag for a cleanser. So there is no midday cleansing going on - I use plain old soap and water after a sweaty workout. However when I come home to enjoy my evening shower, I do love to do a refreshing facial cleanse. Obviously, I want to cleanse without the concerned of experiencing any major irritation during the night, quality product, the so called “good stuff” is important to me.

Revive Me.

After my cleanse, I make sure my skin receives the proper hydration. Our bodies go to sleep to rebuild, repair, and replenish itself. That’s no different for our organ-friend, the skin. Knowing that having great skin is a luxury, especially since we have this skin forever, I rather not risk providing my skin a fair chance to do the same.

Protect Me.

Let me let you in on a little secret. I love moisturizer. It is absolutely one of my favorite products to put on my face. From experience {really recent experience too}  bad moisturizer can make or break the look of your skin, even down to how your makeup lays on the skin. Before bed, and of course, when I get up in the morning...I apply moisturizer. I even re-apply it midday- this is something I do find time for.

Im the first to admit that I do get lazy when it comes to a skin routine. With all the things on my brain, I forget BUT...within the last year, I’ve had to become more discipline. Not only with actually doing a routine, but what product I use in this routine.

Find a product thats quality and get it in, I did!

Check out the FRÉ Skincare online and follow them on Instagram for more info about their products.