Isabella Boylston – approved recipe for A.M. success.

The Love Squad is about being yourself. We are every girl. We are uniquely same but different, even when it comes to the simplest things like our personal routine.

Meet Isabella Boylston, she inspired us to share her daily routine. If its one thing we all may know, that's having a regiment and being organized doesn't come easy, and can be really helpful once established.

Isabella is a principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre in New York. For 15 years she has been performing, and its through her 9 hour-per day rehearsal and travels, that she has come to recognize that self-care/treating herself was pretty essential.

Isabella knows that as a professional dancer a good night sleep is extremely important. We tend to forget that taking good care of ourselves also means to rest well."  But before she hits the hay, her self-care routine actually starts the night before. She creates to-do lists in order to free her mind and relax. Waking up the next morning and checking the list makes her feel fresh and mentally prepared for the day ahead.

 As luxurious as the term "self-care" may sounds, for Isabella that just means having a deli sandwich. The 30-year-old ballet star eats New York’s classic deli breakfast sandwiches on a regular basis and most of the times with bacon and mayonnaise. She admits that its the simple things in life that really make her happy.

Another really cool tool is that on her way to work she uses music as motivation. She pops on her headphones, and vibes out to her favorite tunes. This helps improve her mood and set the tone for the day. She reminds us that its all about the simple things...self-care and treating yourself can mean so many things to so many people.

With that being said we couldn't leave out one of her favorites. Like most of us, she can't live without her morning Joe - large cold-brew coffee with coconut creamer. This common but enjoyable morning treat really makes her feel good, and is a big part of daily routine.

 Thank you Isabella for highlighting that the small things in life can make a big difference.