Love Squad, our next Love Squad Social is coming up and we're beyond excitement to introduce you to our instructor of the event: Nicole Uribarri, a mind body manager and Core Fusion and yoga instructor at exhale in NYC. Gym and spa chain exhale is known for its trademark body-sculpting Core Fusion classes. The in-demand sessions mix cardio, weights, stretching, band work and other exercises to quickly tighten and tone your whole body.

What does "movement" mean to you Nicole?

Movement has always been a part of my life. I started taking ballet classes when I was 3, and all I wanted was to dance all day, every day. My first job, at the age of 14, was teaching ballet, jazz and tap dancing. I enjoyed sharing my passion for dance with young girls. In college, while earning a degree in dance, I spent a lot of time at the gym. I realized that teaching fitness classes would be an ideal complement to pursuing a professional dance career. I moved to Chicago right after college, apprenticed with several dance companies, and taught at local gyms and dance studios. At one point, I was performing full-time with the Lyric Opera of Chicago and still teaching between rehearsals and shows.

The first certifications I earned were in group exercise, personal training and Spinning. But when I discovered exhale, I quickly became obsessed with its methods and found myself taking classes there every day. Six months later, when an exhale manager there approached me to become a teacher, I dropped all of my other classes and started exhale’s teacher training program. I have now been teaching exclusively at exhale for more than nine years, and I’ve been managing one exhale studio or another since early 2008. I moved to New York in 2013 to lead exhale’s flagship location at Central Park South. Two years later, I had the honor of becoming National Director Of Mind Body Management.

What do you love to teach the most?

Honestly, though, I love all of my classes because I really enjoy teaching the various modalities of Core Fusion and Yoga. Every hour gives me and my students an opportunity to play together. I will also say that the No. 1 thing that makes me feel great about a class I’ve just taught is when my students are fierce and really show up to work.

What is your "Personal Best Achievement"?

I realized, very early, what it is that I love to do most, and I feel lucky that I’ve been able to turn it into a sustainable career. I’m passionate about movement, and about sharing movement with others, and I’ve been able to do that since I started working, whether on the stage or in the studio. Transitioning from dance to fitness to overall wellness management has been a dream come true.

What Inspires You?

My students. I teach for them.

How do you stay fit & healthy?

I think two things have served me well: preparation and balance. I spend an hour every Sunday planning my workouts and meals for the week. And I’ll take that green juice with a side of chocolate, please.

Catch Nicole at exhale in New York City for Core Fusion and Yoga! Sign up here!