Meet and Love: Hannah Fastov

Here at Love Squad, we believe that a life with meaning is a life worth living. It's okay to question what you are doing and where you are going! These are the moments that help us find the clarity and inspiration to change direction, start over, or create something wonderful.

For New York native Hannah Fastov, her moment of clarity occurred one day after she found herself carrying a tote, a purse, and a workout bag from the gym, to work, and out for drinks. She realized that carrying multiple heavy bags was weighing her down, and just wasn't super fashionable.


Fastov studied Fine Arts and Art History, but has always loved the world of fashion. Fastov discovered that she wasn't the only one who needed a fashionable and versatile bag to help her do it all in one day. Most of us in New York City are constantly on the go, and we value efficiency! Once we leave the house for the day, we carry everything with us so that we don't lose valuable time running back and forth to our apartments. Fastov wanted to create a bag for this exact demographic, so two years ago she conducted a survey that asked 100 women about the things they liked and needed in a carry-all bag - and the Dash Dot Infinity Bag was born!

As Fastov began to build her company, she knew she wanted to create more than just a bag. She wanted to start a business with a core mission of empowering women - and we love her for that!! After a trip to India with her family, Fastov found inspiration from a local and began to research ways she could create a bag for women, by women. Since then she has been working closely with The South Tribe, an enterprise that began as a means to support migrant women from the southern tribes of Kygyzstan. These women create the high quality tassles that can be purchased to customize Fastov's Infinity bags.

Inspiration from Around the World

The Kira, the national dress for women in Bhutan, served as the inspiration for the straps on the Infinity bag. The Kira is a long dress consisting of a rectangular piece of woven fabric that is then wrapped and folded around the body, typically pinned at the shoulder and bound at the waist with a long belt, called a Kera. The Kera is the element of the national Bhutanese dress that has been incorporated into the Infinity bag design. These particular Kera belts were woven by Sherab Zangmo, a 29 year old mother of two. Sherab was born to a poor farming family in one of the most remote villages in Bhutan. She helped support her family by weaving clothes in exchange for cash or goods. Fastov went on to hire Sherab and has since provided her with so much business creating the Infinity bag straps that she has had to recruit other women from her village to help. This much-needed influx of business has given Sherab and many other families the support they need to pay rent, buy food, and purchase supplies.

Fastov now works full time on Dash Dot, and she has no desire to look back! We were fortunate enough to have Dash Dot be part of our last Love Squad Speaker Series, where one lucky attendee won their very own Infinity Bag. These incredible bags can fit shoes, a yoga mat, and a laptop; plus, they contain both a laundry bag and an extra pouch for accessories! We love that Fastov has created something meaningful and full of impact for women around the world. Read more about her story and how she continues to support women everywhere through Dash DotΒ and follow along @go_dashdotΒ .Β 

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