We Love Her: Amanda Fink Mandell, Pt. V

 - “Flipping The Script on my Narrative” - 

It was July 2016, and after all the hard work I had been putting in, I had  lost 25 pounds by my wedding day. For me it wasn't the number I saw when looking down on the scale, but how I felt when I looked in the mirror.  I felt strong.  I felt sexy and confident.  It was amazing to feel this way on what was to be one of the best days of my life.  My wedding was absolutely magical from start to finish.  If I could, I would live that day again over and over without changing a thing. When I look at those pictures of my favorite people celebrating the love I had found, I regret nothing.  I worked hard for two years planning that day, so you better believe I felt damn good about what I had accomplished.  I was proud of myself. 

No one told me about the “wedding come down"...

I had been living such an euphoric high for weeks, but after the honeymoon I felt a sadness that was overwhelming.  All of the planning was over.  The joy of friends visiting town and family doting over us came to an end and I was thrust back into real life.  Transition is never easy, and I had to figure out what I was transitioning towards.  So much build up for this massive event and then it was over in what seemed like an instant.  It was very hard for me to jump back into my ‘beastmode’ frame of mind now that the day I had been working so hard towards had come and gone.  I certainly tried, though.  I booked my four classes a week, and one by one...I stopped attending.  I was exhausted.  I was confused.  If I wasn’t #sheddinfortheweddin anymore, what end goal did I have to keep doing it?  I had lost that motivation.  Don’t get me wrong, I have the most amazing man that I get to call my husband, but the event I had spent so much time and effort on was suddenly in the rear view mirror.  So I ate more impulsively and slipped back into my old routine.  I gained back most of the weight I had lost and felt terrible about it in the process.  I was so frustrated with my own laziness I knew I needed to shift my mindset and get my body into gear yet again.  This time it was going to be #sheddinforlife .  I had slipped enough and decided to turn my lack of drive on its head and wound up pushing myself even further than I had before my wedding.

Core Rhythm Fitness was one of my favorite classes for some serious bright and early butt kicking, positive reinforcement and meditation.  After I started to get back into it, it dawned on me that this sudden surge of free time that had been taken up my wedding planning could be used to explore other passion projects of mine.  I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew I needed to continue to find conduits for my creative spirit.  I decided to start with what I already knew and loved!  I met with the team at Core Rhythm Fitness to express my love for them and their mission in fitness, and discussed ways in which I could be more involved.  It was decided that I would produce a brand video to help get their name out and build their base, and in exchange they would provide me their specialized nutrition program. I was given my Chapter 1 Narrative, which was appropriately named “The Shred.”  It involved a very strict diet based on an urinalysis, inputing my daily food intake into an interactive app, and most importantly I had to work out at least four days a week. 

Another jump start

 WOW, it was an intense first two weeks!  With the enormous help of the team at CRF supporting my every step I was able to push past my frustrations, natural struggles and fears.  At the same time I was shredding, I was also conceptualizing video ideas, hiring a director and beginning production on the shoot.  It is hard to express in words, but I felt like I was again living my best life, but this time for the long haul.  I was dedicating time for myself, along with nurturing my creative drive with a new and exciting project for a brand I believed in.  I completely changed how I ate and the relationship I had with food.  I had to feel all the feelings and continue to learn how to deal with them.  Having become fully immersed in the nutrition and training program, it helped me create a gorgeous video that told the story of Core Rhythm Fitness.  By the end of 12 weeks and 4 chapters of nutrition, I had accomplished more than I could have imagined.  I felt very proud of the work I had done, and proved to myself once again that I am much stronger than I thought I ever could be.

By Amanda Fink Mandell

This is the fifth installment in Amanda Fink Mandell’s “We Love Her” series. Love Squad’s “We Love Them” takes a deep dive into the personal fitness journey of a guest writer, in weekly installments told over the course of several weeks. These narratives will get real and open as they talk about life-changing events and personal obstacles that were somehow overcome through fitness, exercise, and both mental and physical wellness.

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