Beauty Tip: Manuka Honey Masks!

Let's face it: while we love working out, we don't always love what it can do to our skin. Dry skin, redness on our faces, and, occasionally, sweat-induced breakouts. We value skincare, and we don't think that our faces should suffer at the expense of our workout routines!

A quick fix for dry and breakout-prone skin: raw Manuka honey masks

Raw Manuka honey has numerous health benefits, but for now we will just focus on its affect on acne-prone and ultra-dry skin.

 - It can heal acne and keep the acne bacteria that causes pimples from coming back

 - It eases skin redness

- It aids in the healing of scars

- It rebalances the healthy bacteria on your skin

- It gives your skin an overall softness and glow

The antibacterial properties in Manuka honey work on the acne bacteria of your skin to help the blemishes heal, and will keep acne-causing bacteria at normal levels on your skin so that further breakouts are prevented. Manuka honey can be purchased from most supermarket chains and gourmet grocery stores.

There are a few key criteria to keep in mind when choosing your brand of honey:

- It MUST be raw, otherwise it will not contain the bacteria-blasting properties needed to clear your skin. Remember that raw honey looks a lot cloudier than processed honey, so don't be alarmed by the consistency.

- You should choose a brand of Manuka honey from New Zealand for maximum potency.

- Make sure the package mentions that the honey contains methylglyoxal (or MG), which is a key ingredient. Dietary Methylglyoxal (MGO) is a compound that occurs naturally when glucose is made available to a living cell in the human body, plant or animal. Manuka Honey is the only 100% natural food that has a strong antibacterial and antiviral activity due to the presence of Methylglyoxal that forms in natural form in the nectar of the flowers of Manuka Bush, ready for collection by the honey-bee.

- The strength, potency, and quality of Manuka honey's antibacterial properties is measured through its Unique Manuka Factor, or UMF. For best results, choose a Manuka honey brand that contains a UMF of at least 10 (denoted as UMF +10). For very acne-prone skin, UMF +15 yields the best results - but keep in mind that higher UMF counts tend to mean a higher price.

Making a Manuka mask is super simple! You can either spread the honey directly onto your face and leave on for 10-20 minutes (depending on the severity of your acne and dryness), or mix 2 tbps of honey with 1 tbsp of water to dilute it slightly. When washing the honey off, it's best to use a face cloth or warm towel. And Manuka honey makes a mess, so don't let it get on your pillows! (We learned that the hard way). Upside of a mask made out of natural food: if you accidentally eat some of it, it's no big deal! :)

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