We've All Been There: Cringe-Worthy Gym Moments

Let's be real. Working out certainly isn't the flawless or picture-perfect experience that we often see on social media. It can get ugly, smelly, awkward, and downright embarrassing. Love Squad is here to break down the hype and show that we ALL have those cringe-worthy gym moments - and we're better for them!

Those super obvious crotch / butt sweat stains...

This one is probably the most relatable. You have on your cutest pair of workout pants, and halfway through your cycling class you look down and notice that it looks like you've been sweating profusely around your crotch / butt. Embarrassing? Maybe. Until you realize that literally EVERYBODY gets these, and they are nothing to be ashamed of. Sweat means you are WORKING HARD!

What to do about them:

From experience, we can say that there isn't much you can do about crotch sweat (and frankly we think you should embrace it!), but if it makes you uncomfortable, try only wearing black or navy blue workout pants and tights made of durable dry-fit material. Some colors are consistent offenders for showing off sweat stains, like grey, light blue, green, and pale colors.

That morning-after-a-night-out workout where you show up smelling like a bar...

We've all been here. Think first workout of the new year after literally spending the entire night before drinking. You feel self-conscious because it feels like you're sweating vodka, and everybody else is noticing.

What to do about it:

Don't be embarrassed. While we don't recommend regularly working out while hungover, if you were able to drag yourself out of bed to go to a class rather than spending the entire day in bed, you deserve a medal, not judgement. You are in that morning class for a reason - ignore the haters and don't waste time worrying about whether or not you smell like a bar!

That weird yoga pants smell that you can't get rid of....

After repeated use, yoga pants and other workout pants can sometimes get an odd, slightly musty smell that lingers no matter how many times you wash them. This can get frustrating.

What to do about it:

Don't throw out your pants! First of all, this is super common. Pants that contain spandex or nylon (i.e. literally all workout pants) can retain a weird-ish smell from repeated sweat sessions. To get rid of it, pre-soak your pants in a little detergent and water for 15-20 minutes before washing them. You can even give them a light hand-scrubbing (both inside and out) to make sure the scent of the detergent really soaks into the fibers. As long as it doesn't damage the color, wash your yoga pants on a higher temperature to try to kill as much odor-causing bacteria as possible.

Mid-class bathroom breaks.....

Sometimes you're in the middle of an intense bootcamp class or 5-mile run and you suddenly, desperately, need to use the bathroom. While these moments are certainly annoying and feel disruptive to your workout, they are actually a pretty common occurrence.

What to do about it:

If this is a problem for you, avoid drinking hot liquids right before class. This includes tea, coffee, and even hot water with lemon. Hot liquids function as a diuretic, and send you straight to the toilet especially when you're making your stomach and intestines bounce around from a vigorous workout. If you know you're headed to the gym after work, try to time your coffee and tea breaks so that you'll have time to use the bathroom right before class.

Body envy, second-guessing ourselves, and comparing our performance to others during class....

This one honestly deserves a blog post of its own, because we are all guilty of this. You show up to class ready to roll and immediately fixate on a fellow classmate with better abs, a better outfit, stronger arms, etc. It distracts you and makes you feel shy, uncomfortable, and inadequate.

What to do about it:

Comparing ourselves to others is nothing but a time waster and a distraction! You showed up to class to work, and you should be proud of yourself for that. Measuring your progress against the progress of someone else just doesn't make sense - everybody's body is different!! Think about what brought you to class that day, and make the most of the time you have. Remind yourself that you are strong, confident, and beautiful, and there is literally no one else exactly like you.


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