Love Squad Speaker Series Recap

We are still on a high right now! Last night we hosted our last Speaker Series of 2017.Last night we sweated up the Y7 Lab space in Bowery as we shook our butts in Socanomics lead by founder and powerhouse, Selena Watkins.

Outside of getting to meeting really great people, we were even more impressed with the knowledge our panelist dropped. Jordan Salcito, founder of Drink Ramona, advised that sometimes we have to go through the "bad" ideas to get to a great idea. Ali LaRaia, co-founder and executive chef of The sosta, added on, that sometimes you have to just "go with your gut" when it comes to building a business.

Branding talk was all the buzz. We heard about logo, website, mission statements, and colors. The biggest take away came from Sarah. When there is not an option for a consumer to take the branding home, its important that the branding involved a "great experience". People return to what makes them feel good.

As we got into our favor part of the conversation-Bossing Up- Selena told us that "consistency" is what it means in being your best boss self. Getting up everyday, even when you do not want to, to develop your business will only provide quick insight on next steps in the business.

We also want to thank our sponsors and partners:

Special appreciation to Y7 Lab for creating a space for us all to celebrate Love Squad.


Thank you to Leigh our rocking DJ for killing it!

Thanks to Redbull for for setting up a bar of cool mocktails and buzzed drinks. Redbull was the perfect boss partner as it represents you doing you.

We are lucky that all of our supports received Revere-we love it!

And a special thanks to our newest partner Kopari!

We want to thank all of our supporter and attendees. As we started out with our events, we never expected that we would rally such support to our community.