Meet and Love: Selena Watkins

Meet Selena Watkins, our next instructor for the October Love Squad Speaker Series.

Selena Watkins is the founder and creator of SOCANOMICS, a unique workout that seamlessly combines dance cardio, body-weight/calisthenic exercises and Soca Choreography.

The workout, rooted in the spirit of Caribbean carnival, that helps to build endurance, while having fun. Promising a smaller waistline, rhythm and a fun way move your body,  SOCANOMICS, is something we are all looking forward to experiencing.

Selena has targeted her business to women ages 25-45 in order to positively affect women of all colors and cultures to encourage them to love fitness and dance. Selena has build her business on the principles of inspiring women by what she does and how she is injected with good vibes. When experiencing SOCANOMICS, the goal is to create a judgement-free space where everyone is liberated from self doubt, and happy to move their vessels!

After becoming mildly obsessed with watching SOCANOMICS on IG, we felt we had to get this workout into the bodies of all of the Love Squad. We have been in awe of Selena's journey and how she has used her experience as a dancer, heritage of Soca music and movement, and her love for fitness to create a unique platform to encourage women.

With our focus on

Women in Business: Building, Branding, and Bossing up

we felt that Selena is a true example what it means to create your own story.

We are so excited to sweat and converse on October 19, 2017... check out our EVENTS tab to learn more.

Here is Selena's Bio:

Selena Watkins is a fitness trainer, dancer, choreographer, model, SoulCycle Instructor, CEO and founder of SOCANOMICS, and Women's Health Magazine's 2016 Next Fitness Star. A veteran in the industry, Selena has been teaching dance and fitness for over ten years. She has danced and choreographed for NBA Brooklynettes and has performed with recording artists including Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Alison Hinds and more. She recently appeared on the cover of Women’s Health Magazine after being named the Next Fitness Star and she has since released and streamed her fitness dvd, "High-Intensity Dance Cardio," and has re-appeared in Women's Health Magazine and Self Magazine as a fitness model. Selena's fitness philosophy is that movement is essential to maintaining an excellent quality of life. Selena began to take her philosophy to a new level when she was crowned Miss Black USA and a national ambassador for Heart Health. Selena believes that our health is our wealth and we therefore have to be proactive participants in our lives. With this mindset of living an action-based life, Selena has become an inspiration to thousands of women and men.