Meet and Love: Ali Laria

Meet Ali LaRaia

Ali, is the  Co-founder/ Executive Chef, The Sosta

Growing up in restaurants, Ali has held almost every position you can have in a restaurant, instilling a love and understanding of the business from an early age.  While in college, Ali worked as Managing Editor for Drink Me Magazine, managing web and print content while coordinating partnerships and sponsorships specific to the beverage industry.

After graduating from the University of San Francisco, Ali dove into the world of start ups working as a consultant for product development.  A simultaneous food blog kept Ali’s love for food alive, until she joined the Test Kitchen team at CHOW.  Ali worked alongside chef Aida Mollenkamp to develop and test recipes for the site.  It was this experience that not only helped Ali to refine her culinary technique, but allowed her to fully understand how a recipe came together.

In 2011, Ali returned to New York to start Marianberry Cookies, an E-commerce brand selling a full line of all-natural cookies.  Within 6 months, Marianberry was distributing nationally to one of the world’s largest high-end retailers.

Learning classic Italian recipes from her mother, from Pasta Puttanesca to house-made Mozzarella, Ali took her love of Italian cuisine to the source and began to travel through Italy to experience its regions, understand its ingredients and enhance her love and understanding of Italian cuisine through taste.   Ali’s travels to Italy were where her love for Italian cuisine deepened and her desire to return to restaurants arose.  After a string of “aha! moments,” Ali created the base for what has become The Sosta.

In 2016, Ali partnered with Co-Founder Samantha Wasser and E2 Hospitality to launch The Sosta brand, a fast-casual Italian concept that opened in New York City’s Nolita neighborhood in July 2017. 

You're probably asking the same questions we are...what is Ali not doing and how does she do it all so well. We couldn't think of a better person in New York City to partner with when we are discussing

"Women in Business: Building, Branding, and Bossing Up".

Ali will be spilling the beans on October 16th, with the Love Squad...and we can't wait.

What's also exciting is that we also get to savor some of the best of Sosta in between our dance cardio workout and the panel. Don't miss reserving your spot.