Meet and Love: Sarah Levey & Y7

We are excited to partner with Y7 Studio founder and total Rockstar, Sarah Levey.

Sarah will being joining our Fall Love Squad Speaker Series as a panelist and partner with her new space Y7 Lab as discuss: "Women in Business: Building, Branding, and Bossing Up".

As the owner of  Y7, a thriving hot yoga studio franchise with a twist of darkness and movement to hip hop, Sarah's main objective is "joy". She focuses much of her time focused on client relations. That means making sure that those who walk through the door leaves with a lighter heart.

Love Squad is all about empowering those who have created their own paths, so it was a no-brainer for us to align with Sarah and Y7. We our founding principle being inclusivity and grounding connections through conversation and sweat, we simply trusted out belief in reaching out to connect out of sheer confidence, and love.

Y7 is an inclusive experience. You do not need to know sanskrit, chants, mantras or pose names. No matter the level of your practice or where you are on your yoga journey, Y7 is a space to explore where you want to go. Just like us, the welcome everyone-there is no "one type".

In the hopes to positively to affect everyone who experience Y7, another goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone with zero judgement. There are no mirrors, and the studio is candlelit – they want our students to feel comfortable expressing their practice

Y7 Studio will not only be our long term partners, we vow to never make one-time connections, but they will continue expanding with their newly re-launched flagship studio in Williamsburg, along with 2 more locations in Tribeca (NYC) and Silverlake (LA) by the end of 2017."

We say THANK YOU in advance to Sarah and Y7, and we cannot wait for all of you to experience this amazing social around "Women in Business: Building, Branding, and Bossing Up".

About Sarah Levey

About Sarah Levey

Sarah Levey is the co-founder of New York City based yoga studio, Y7 Studio and 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. After five years living in NYC, Sarah traded in her job in fashion to devote her time to growing Y7. Sarah, along with her husband and co-founder Mason, have successfully opened 6 studios in three years bringing the sweat-dripping, beat-bumping, candlelit yoga experience from Brooklyn to Manhattan to Los Angeles.

About Y7 Studio

Established in 2013, Y7 Studio is the original hip-hop yoga studio, that offers sweat dripping, beat-bumping, candlelit yoga. With a portfolio of 6 studio locations across New York and Los Angeles, along with the newly-launched Y7 Lab, and highly sought-after apparel collections, Y7 is uniquely positioned as a premier yoga and lifestyle brand. Y7 classes combine 60 minutes of intensity with heat and strength, and are complemented by deep breathing and calming of the mind, all while set to the latest beats.

From the studio to the merchandise, all aspects of the Y7 experience make clients feel like they are attending a hip-hop concert, where the class is the show and instructors are the artists. With no mirrors, the darkness, sounds and heat push clients to leave feeling strong, clear and ready to take on whatever the city has in store.