Love Squad's Holiday Loves

Tis' the season and we feel VERY optimistic about the New Year.

2017 was good to us, and while we were throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, to see what would stick, we now have a clear view and refined mission of where Love Squad is going, and how we will get there. We are are so grateful for all the support. We want to say THANK YOU to all of our readers for sticking with us on this journey. We promise to keep the hustle of creating a safe space for diverse communities to experience the power of sweat and conversation.  Therefore, we will continue to ride with the top down and hands up but, of course, with our seat belts on.

As we enter the next chapter, we can't forget about some holiday lovin'. We took a poll at our headquarters and narrowed down our top 5 holiday gifts. These are things that our team loves, and that, of course, are tried and true.


Erin Condren Planners and Pens 

We are pretty clearly obsessed with creativity. We have cultivated our work-space to provide that extra colorful comfort that is needed on those days we dont want to work-yes we are human too. Erin's fun office supplies bring a party to getting work done, making it just the right amount of fun.

Love Squad Tee

Yes, we know, we are bias but at least we are honest. We love our Love Squad tops, they are comfortable, and are a great hybrid of style and functionality. You can actually get 10% off of your order before the new year by using this code "HereGoes2017".


Our founder, Ally Love, did a 21 day skin challenge with Panacea this winter. She fell in love with the face lotion, and since we got to keep some of the products, by default we did too. We are never shy of sweating, so having products that cleanse, hydrate, and moisturize without disturbing our skin is priority.

Pia LOVE Wellness

the navy complete collection kit

A happy vaJayJay, means a happy life. Finding the good stuff can be hard, so there's nothing wrong with putting your squad on to the healthy stuff that keeps you healthy from top to bottom, literally- Love Wellness. And we love that it comes in a cute pink pouch.

Peloton Bike

We workout, wait did you know that? Well like the rest of the world, sometimes it's not easy to leave the house and make it to the gym, so having the option to hop on Peloton and take a live class or Class on demand with Ally Love is pretty dope. We like it, and so does our parents!

Please note, none of these products are sponsored, they are what we love...