Getting Social with Sarah Levey

We're getting social, once again, with Y7's Co-Founder, Sarah Levey. You may remember her from our last Love Squad Series panel-- Women In Business: Building, Branding, and Bossing Up. What best way to continue the conversation then to follow up with Sarah about building and bossing up. LS: First things first, what is your favorite Hip Hop song you're currently flowing to? SL: "Love N Hennessy" by A.CHAL

LS: Nice. We remember taking our first Y7 class and thinking Hip Hop & Yoga? How awesome. How did you know that it would be such a hit with other yogis? SL: I had no idea anyone would like it. It wasn't until 2 years after starting Y7 as a pop up that I left my career to grow the studio full time. 

LS: We learned at our last panel discussion that Y7 started as a pop up in Williamsburg-where you handed out flyers as a means for marketing. It turned out to be a success, even-though, you basically rolled with the punches and opened your first Y7 Studio in the area, what was that like? SL: It was very anti-climactic, haha. There were no press, no big opening, just us and a 300 square foot space practicing what we love. It is our community of yogis that made it so special 

LS: From the pop-up to your first studio, you saw your idea come into fruition. Many people have ideas, but often have difficulties with execution. What advice do you have for our readers that have great ideas of their own? SL: Don't listen to all the noise. When you have an idea it's natural for those around you to offer opinions and advice. Stay really focused on your vision and the intent behind your ideas, never lose sight of that.

LS: That's how it's done! Now you're going bicoastal and Y7 has reached Los Angeles, California. How do you feel? SLJet lagged. Just kidding. It's amazing - I love seeing our community grow and watching what we have in New York translate to Los Angeles and be just as impactful. 

LS: Are you excited to share Y7 with the West Coast? NYC is such a hub for fitness classes, taking it to new levels. Do you think LA is ready? SLAbsolutely! It's amazing to see the parallels between the two cities and their fitness goals. The energy is amazing in both places, I'm so lucky to get to experience both.

LS: It's only the first month into the new year and you've got your studio opened up and even released a book! What inspired this? SLWe actually got approached by a publisher to share our vision behind the studio. It's been incredible to tell our story and get to share the experience with those who may not be able to get to a physical location. 

LS: Now, we must ask - The cheeky phrases and lyrical branding has been a hit! Who is behind all of this?? SLIt's a combination of the team but our creative director Brad who refines everything and is the one who brings it all to life (you should hear the phrases we bring to him lol).

LS: Sounds like you have a great team! What more can we expect in 2018? SLWe are opening 3 new locations in NYC! Tribeca will open at the end of the month and two more Manhattan locations to follow so stay tuned!

LS: It's going to be another big year for you and Y7 and you're a prime example for our women readers out there who are trying to boss up. Let's end with a piece of advice for our women readers out there trying to boss up - Can you share some words to our readers who have a little fear that's holding them back when starting a new journey? SLTrust yourself and your instincts. And if you don't know something ask someone! 

There we have it! Some inspiration and words of advice from Co-Founder of Y7 Studio, Sarah Levey. Love Squad will be flowing hard with instructor Lindsey Wirht at our first social of the year on January 18 at the Y7 Union Square location. Be sure to subscribe and follow us @alovesquad for registration info. It's free, but limited spots available. See you all there!