This Certified Trainer Shares Her Tips on Avoiding Our 5 Worst Gym Fears

Founder of Love Squad, Ally Love, shared with Healthline some tips and solves for those all too familiar but uncomfortable moments at the gym...

Ever fear that mid-workout moment when you realize you can smell your own sweat — and maybe even last night’s post-work cocktails seeping from your pores? Well, don’t cancel your membership and stop attending your favorite studio because of it! We promise, people are too busy being nosy about themselves to poke their nose into your business.


After all, these cursed moments don’t stop just because you leave the gym. (Although, sometimes sweat sessions can cause, if not aggravate, some issues.) It could happen simply on a sunny day out! But if self-conscious moments are really stopping you from getting your workout in, we have some good news.There’s a workaround for that. Here’s five pieces of advice for common gym moments that could help eliminate — if not alleviate — some of these common gym-barassing situations.

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