Same, Same, but Different

As you know, Love Squad champions diversity and uniqueness. We are a community that encourages people to do their very best and to be their very best, no matter their endeavorer. With the use of our platforms, conversation and sweat, we aim to bring people, specifically women, together to explore growth in a safe space; at one of our many Love Squad events. We are all inclusive - you know... "the same, but different," and Love Squad has learned that everyone takes different approaches to life and is at different phases of their journey.

With that being said, we have teamed up with a supplement that has a similar mission, except with the difference specifically feeding the body exactly, and uniquely what it needs.  We learned that Care/Of might be the thing missing link from our routines, simply because we felt better after using it. Most times we know you just want to hear why, so we asked ourselves the questions, whats the best part about it? Well ... It’s customized to the individual's personal needs and routine. You can include as little or as much as you want and you'll know exactly what it is for, and it's super easy to get started.

We always felt like taking a bucket load of vitamins, made us feel healthy but we weren’t sure if it was-we weren’t even sure if those were the essential minerals that our body was missing. But with Care/Of they are your professional eyes and ears, to help curate, a packet of essentials that works best ... just for you.

We love for you to try it: Visit their site, fill out a quick quiz, and enter our code "LOVESQUAD" for a special discount at checkout.

We received a Love Squad customized pack, geared for the girls who have early mornings and late nights, the girls with back to back meetings cross town, the girls who need focus and energy, the girls who work up a sweat, the girls who need hydration, and, of course, radiant skin-while she does it all. We are all - the same, same, but different! Our custom pack is the cherry on top! The step in the direction towards self-care.

Care/of has been really simple to incorporate into our morning ritual to make sure we are fulfilling our body's daily needs. Everything we need is right in that little packet that we pair with our favorite morning drink.

Care/of's mission is to assist with with digestion, glowing skin, and boost brain activity, just for starters. There's a large variety in what can be done with a personalized pack, It all just depends on what is needed. If you are new to the vitamin game, not to worry, Care/of can guide you through what you need to know and help you decide what's most important to you at this time. The team is helpful and very hands on, which we immediately noticed soon after taking the quiz.

Visit Care/of and follow them on Instagram for the latest news!




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