Written by: Pari Aryafar @pari.cherry_

Today is International Women’s Day! For many, it’s an opportunity to celebrate the amazing women around them as we all work together to further women’s rights around the world. With so much happening in the news recently, from #MeToo to #TimesUp, social media has truly been a catalyst for change. Once dubbed “slacktivism”, posts and tweets have allowed many individuals to share their stories and perspectives. The theme of IWD 2018 is to continue pushing to make things equal across the board for everyone. This year, the focus is to #PressForProgress. What does that mean for you and how can you participate?


To start, there are still many things that are uneven in the way that females are treated—everything from how much they’re paid to the opportunities they are given. Last year in the Fortune 500, a whopping 32 companies were ran by women… which was only 6.4 percent, and it was still the highest amount that has been seen yet. Beyond that, one in five girls are still forced to be married before they turn 18, every ten minutes a woman or child are brought into the U.S. for forced labor, and women make up 96% of the victims of sexual exploitation trafficking.


While these numbers can be overwhelming, there is power in unity—you can donate to causes that work to combat the gap, support women-owned businesses, protest against these issues, and volunteer for organizations that are fighting back. Pressing for Progress means to keep working, in order to make things better for all of us. International Women’s Day is not just for honoring women that have paved the way; it’s a day to follow in their footsteps and make your voice be heard. YOU have the power to make a difference!