Meet & Love: Tunde Oyeneyin

Meet & Love: Tunde Oyeneyin MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist + Beauty Expert #BeautyLikeYou

LS: How did you become a makeup artist/expert?

TO: My life’s passion has been empowering women through self-love and appreciation. The art of makeup has given me an avenue to tell this story. Over the last 13 years I’ve acquired knowledge and insight into the power of self-expression through makeup. Giving women the ability and the knowledge to feel confident in themselves, has allowed me to propel forward in my industry and become a master of my craft.


LS: How would you define Beauty?

TO: I would define beauty as a continuing circle that starts inward, pushes outward, and then loops back in. I believe true self love starts from the inside and is recognized on the outside. Once we are truly able recognize that inner beauty, we are able to push it outward and then pull it back in; and the circle continues.


LS: If you could only choose one piece of makeup to use, what would you use and why?

TO: MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Ultra HD Perfector! It blurs any imperfections on the skin and leaves the skin looking naturally flawless. It also has SPF 25, which gives me the benefit of protecting my natural beauty.


LS: You are also a group fitness instructor! Do you wear makeup when you teach? What are the best water resistant products to use?

TO: Yes, I do. I feel most confident rocking a pre-workout glow! MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Water Blend Foundation is sheer in coverage, water resistant, and keeps me beaming from pre-workout to post.


LS: When do you feel most beautiful?

TO: I feel most beautiful when I come home and I wash it all off. Although I love the confidence that comes along with a little bit of makeup, I’ve found true happiness in loving the bare truth…flaws and all.


LS: Can you give our community a few words of advice on beauty and the movement #BeautyLikeYou

TO: In an effort to show our best self, we often cover ourselves up, rather allow our true self to be seen. Focus on what makes you unique and bring that forward.