4 Great Ways to De-Stress Before Bedtime

4 Great Ways to De-Stress Before Bedtime Contributed by: Sarah Cummings

Do you ever get the feeling that your days are getting longer, your nights are becoming shorter, and there’s simply not enough time to do ‘you things’? This is a common feeling in today’s world, and this only adds to the fact that you’re more than likely to be stressed for one reason or another just before you head off to bed.

While some people will say that their favourite time of the day is when they’re in the gym. bedtime is also a particularly sought-after part of the day. However, if you’re not careful before you know it, your mind is racing before you’re looking to nod off, and the sound sleep you were looking forward to passes you by.

Of course, if you are struggling to de-stress at bedtime, then you should probably change some things in your life that will put you on the path to flawless snoozing. The good news is that we can help you with that!

Take a look below and discover a handful of proven ways to de-stress you before bedtime. Try them and see what works for you!

There’s Tea for That Cupping a nice warm mug of tea as bedtime approaches is one of the best ways to help signify the transition into your natural slumber period. Sipping a cup of camomile tea in the evening aides in creating a calming and refreshing bedtime ritual.

Once the tea thing becomes the norm and fits into your bedtime habits, that familiar act of sipping your evening tea signals to your brain that you’re in wind down time. While there are plenty of teas out there to get relax with, it’s best to choose decaffeinated ones or your brain will be wired before you sleep.

Try boiling the kettle and sipping your soothing beverage around two hours before you head off to bed or you run the risk of disturbing your sleep by needing a few toilet breaks during the night!

Exercise the Stress Away Exercise is known for being a great way to rid your mind and body of stress. The endorphins and dopamine that your body releases after a workout make you feel happy and pleased with yourself, in a nutshell.

Find a sport or exercise class that suits you and get stuck in! You can use this to your advantage by attending regularly, which will help your mind develop and establish a well-groomed routine.

Some great options that suit all levels of abilities and ages include heading off for a gentle walk or to take part in some yoga and/or meditation. The Sleep Advisor, are on hand to provide you with some great advice for meditation tips, so why not head over to their website for more on this?

Try not to exercise too close to bedtime or you’ll be wide awake from all the stimulating hormones that have been released post-session. Also, don’t exercise in your room; you want to save your room strictly for sleeping.

Ditch the Tech You’re likely to see this in any advice or tip guide when it comes to removing the stress before you head off to bed.

While it could just be the trickiest thing you are likely to encounter, it could well be the most beneficial. Flip the "Do Not Disturb" switch and simply forget your phone existed. And this goes for all your tech too!

If you work regular office-type hours, ideally you want to shut off your devices at around 2200. Make sure this is the latest you do this, or the stimulation from the artificial light, along with the information you’re taking in will be too much when it comes to effectively clearing any stress from your mind and body before you slide under the sheets.

Those emails and social media notifications can wait; decluttering your brain and closing your eyes as your head hits the pillow with you knowing you’re about to enjoy a stress-free sleep take precedence over anything else here.

Make Your Bedroom a Stress-Free Sanctuary One of the vital elements of stress-free sleep is having a room (your bedroom) that is an established space that is instantly inviting for you to go to sleep in.

To achieve this, remove the clutter, take the electronic devices out, use soft pillows, warm blankets, and aim for tranquil colour schemes. This is your mental sanctuary, so treat it like one and you’ll find success when trying to sleep stress-free.

If you can, add some nice dimming lighting that can set the mood while you prepare to shut off. Team this with some nice soothing scents in the room, such as lavender, camomile, bergamot, jasmine, rose and sandalwood

Combine all of these points and you’re on the right track for the perfect, fully de-stressed night’s sleep.