Dear Momma...

Letters to our mommas...because for everything they do, mothers deserve all the kind words. What are you doing today to celebrate your mother? Share with us on @alovesquad how you made your mother feel extra special today!

Dear Momma,
There are many ways to say I love you, and there are many things you’ve done, undoubtely, that is more than deserving of that love. But what I want to highlight on Mother’s Day, isn’t something you can feel but something you can
 As a reflection of you I take pride in being a leader, to show you I’ve listened. I’ve listened to your countless “long winded” monologues on how to always choose doing right, even when doing wrong is easier.

As a reflection of you, I hustle hard everyday without fail to show you that hard work is the thread we use to connect our culture and build our legacy. It showed me how to be relentless as you were in your field of work- you studied, wrote, and read many books and newspapers (to which you end up making me read to you, even to this day, even though you have perfect eye sight lol).

As a reflection of you, I build community because you taught me that it’s by our hands we heal hearts. To all those times sitting by the lake, watching you fish, and of course hearing you just talk, talk and talk, oh and did I mention talk🤔 - that you ingrained in me compassion and empathy.

 All these tools have been my foundation in creating Love Squad. A place that we can lead, hustle, work hard, heal, be compassionate and empathic towards those that are different than us.
So dear Momma, on this day I’m proud to show my love by being a reflection of all you taught me, all you did, and all the wisdom you shared.
Love Always, Ally Love

Dear Mom, I hope that even beyond this holiday, you know that I am so indebted to you and hope that I show my gratitude to you today and every day. I know sometimes I can be a thorn in your side. Some days we are best friends (other days we are going to war), but no matter what goes down I know you have my back. You've loved me at my low moments especially during times I didn't deserve it. I am fully aware of my poor attitude, my irrational thoughts, selfish, rude, and unkind (for lack of a better word) moments with you... Yet, you always made sure you knew that I was loved and that you supported me.

You were the one who believed in me most, doing everything you could to pave the way for your "unica hija." We have had endless conversations of all the wonderful things in life that we could dream up and I knew deep down you were praying that all of my dreams really would come true. My number one fan, my best friend, the woman I hope to be one day and to always make proud... I wouldn't be right where I am at right now without your unconditional love and support.

I think that the best part is that as I grow older, I realize there's no escaping it -- I'm becoming more and more like you every day! I am strong, independent, hard working, kind, giving, loving... all the things you are and showed me since I was a young girl. I can stand on my own two feet because of you, I have a voice because of you, even during the times I am most scared. So, thank you Mom! Thank you with my whole heart. You have done a great job at being a mom. I was not an easy one.

Always, Faye