Digging on Dig Inn:

If you are anything like us, halfway through breakfast we're already thinking about lunch! We spend a lot of time thinking about food, but do we think about where it is coming from? What it is made and how it is being sourced? Love Squad, like many of you, are learning to be the best version of themselves and now thinking about what we are putting into our bodies. Luckily, our friends at Dig Inn are here to make sure we're doing our bodies good.

They are changing the food game by challenging us to think about how our food is sourced-- everything from seed to the service. Their mission starts with their ingredients and where it comes from. Dig Inn's chefs and 102 growers (that includes farmers and partners!)

who work closely together to create the recipes they want to cook and harvest. How many places can actually say they work one-on-one with their growers (if they even have a grower) to bring the recipes they imagine to life? The crops are often created specifically for the Dig Inn menus, that’s dope. All of this to sustain their mission of mindful sourcing, all while supporting sustainable growing practices and minority-run (we dig that!) and small-scale farms. Dig Inn is committed to supporting the future of farming (good for them, the farms, and us!)

The Summer season is here, that means Sugar Snap Peas and other highly missed veggies are now available. We are ready to devour these colorful goodies and we are pretty stoaked that they are on the menu.There's comfort in knowing that with every bite at Dig Inn you're eating is fresh, farm to table, and of-course in-season!

Knowing that Love Squad is mindful of what we do and who we represent - so we are Lovin’ Dig Inn. They do an exceptional job by investing in waste reduction and again working hard to create a sustainable future of farming by providing us with a locally sourced and vegetable-driven menu. They are making a large impact to the community and beyond already showing immediate results.

We can all make a difference. It all starts with insight and education-- for starters we are introducing you to our friends at Dig Inn. They will be joining us at upcoming Love Squad Series, providing us with that post-workout fuel that our body needs. Please follow them and join the movement!