Meet and Love: Corinna and Theresa


First things first, tell us a bit about yourselves and your business. 

Corinna/Theresa: We’re co-founders of Celsious, New York’s first eco-friendly laundromat-café in New York. 

What was your biggest inspiration for starting your business? 

Corinna: I moved to New York from Germany about five years ago. Having lived in Europe all my life, I was used to always having a washing machine in my apartment. Even the most basic of washers there feature at least five different washing programs for different types of garments – from delicates to wool to heavy soiled. Living in the city was really the first time I had to frequent a laundromat. And it was not a pleasant experience. The place on the corner of my Upper East Side apartment was grimy, there were two wobbly chairs for seating and ghastly lighting. What’s more, my white linens and towels accumulated a nasty grayish-brown tint. I went looking for better options: there were none!

What is your favorite part about being your own bosses? 

Corinna: Not having to answer to anyone…

Theresa: …but each other!


What is the most challenging aspect about being your own bosses?

Corinna/Theresa: That work is never over! 

Please take us through your typical day.

Corinna: We usually arrive at the laundromat around 10am. We take time to check in with our team before we head down to our office to map out the day together.

Theresa: The rest of the day is usually never typical. It really depends on what happens on the laundry and café floor. It might range from fixing a machine part to planning our next event. We like to do lunch together. We both love to cook, so we often would share homemade meals we carry in jars. Evenings usually end quite late. If we’re lucky, we get to spend them with our respective partners – who are funnily enough both Italian. 

What are your everyday, on-the-go essentials? 

Corinna: I need energy – and caffeine – to get through the day. You’ll always see me carrying nuts, dark chocolate and my Celsious re-usable KeepCup filled with coffee or kombucha. I always carry Noto Botanical’s Multi Benne Tint for on-the-go lip/cheek tint touch-ups.

Theresa: Second the KeepCup – except I do black tea instead of coffee for my caffeine kick. At events, we’ve also been known to sip some wine out of those multipurpose cups. Anything to avoid single-use plastic! For lip/face/scalp and body moisture, I carry Lauren’s All Purpose Salve everywhere. 


What is your greatest piece of advice for new boss women?

Corinna: Don’t take “no” for an answer!

Theresa: Don’t go it alone! Find your support system and mentors – and continue to extend help to others.

What are your professional and personal goals for 2019?

Corinna: Bringing Celsious to as many people as possible. And personally? More sleep, more exercise, more time with loved ones.

Theresa: Definitely growing Celsious on more than one channel. Personally, being able to set aside more time for hobbies that have fallen by the wayside over the last years. 

Lastly, what does love mean to you?

Corinna: Dedication. And acceptance.

Theresa: Trust, respect and compassion.