Seven Ways to Maintain Your Boss October Momentum

Hello, Love Squad!

As you all know, we are in the midst of celebrating Boss October. To help you "boss up," we asked you to remove something negative or unhealthy, add a daily way to sweat, and focus on a trait or habit. So many of you have committed to Boss October and we love seeing your boss journeys on social media!

Boss October is meant to set you up for success by helping you take control over your everyday. Now, even though October is the month of bossness (Is that a word? It is now!), we don’t want you to give up on all of your hard work come November first. With that being said, we definitely don’t expect you to omit chocolate from your life forever; that would me absurd. However, we do challenge you to keep your momentum so you can go into the holidays and 2019 with your awesome bossness intact. Here are seven things you can do to extend Boss October:

Make a to-do list.

Sometimes it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get it all done. Writing down and prioritizing your tasks will help you focus on one thing at a time and make your day a bit less overwhelming. Then, when you complete a task, you can cross it out and it feels, oh, so good. Pro-tip: start your list with “Brush teeth.” Boom. Great start.

Don’t hit snooze.

Yes, that extra ten minutes in your warm bed sounds great, but hitting snooze tricks your brain into thinking you aren’t waking up for the day, which can make you feel groggy when you finally get going. If you’re tired all day, you won’t be as alert, focused and productive. Start by beating your alarm clock; your nighttime self will thank you. Heck, put “Don’t hit snooze” on your to-do list. Even better start!


Studies show drinking more water can have a positive effect on your brain function, energy level, skin and digestion. Need we say more?

Speak up.

Do you have an idea? Throw it out there! Is something bothering you? Bring it up! Do you want something? Ask for it! You have a voice. Use it!

Get Sweaty.

Here at Love Squad, we’ll always make time for a good sweat sesh! Whether you enjoy lifting, yoga, running, biking or boxing, you have to take care of your body so you can attack your goals with full force.

Say no.

It is OK to say no sometimes. It is human nature to want to help and be there for others. This is a great quality to have, but saying yes to everyone and everything can detract from you conquering your own day. Everyone knows you’re sweet and amazing and can do it all. The world will not end if you take a rain check on that dinner or skip that work function.


Isn’t this one a given? You would think, right? When we’re on the grind and makin’ moves, sometimes we forget set aside time for ourselves. Do that Sudoku puzzle. Try that bath bomb you got for Christmas. Read that book. Watch that episode of Grey’s. You need to take care of you first before you can conquer the world.

Boss October is your opportunity to put your ideas into action, create better daily habits and make things happen for yourself. You are all doing great and we know you all will continue to do great. Keep it up!


Love Squad