9 Tips to Rise and Shine

Hey there, lovelies!

Mornings can get the best of us sometimes. They can be hectic and stressful, which can affect how the rest of the day goes. With that being said, we want to help you optimize your mornings. Here are nine tips on how to start your days in a more efficient way:

1. Get organized the night before.
Some of us are prone to feeling extremely rushed in the morning, so try to do some of the organizational stuff the evening before. Set out your outfit; prep your breakfast; pack your bag. These are all tasks you can do the night before, allowing for more time in the morning.

2. Don’t hit snooze.
Your awful alarm goes off. You roll over, open one eye, grab your phone, and there it is. That beautiful snooze button. We know it’s tempting, but don’t do it! Even though you want just a little more time to enjoy your cozy bed, snoozing can the make you feel groggy for the rest of the day. And it’ll actually feel better to conquer your first test: getting up!

3. Avoid your phone.
We know your alarm is probably on your phone, but don’t catch yourself scrolling too early in the morning. Allow yourself to ease into your day without bombarding your brain with social media feeds and email chains. You will thank yourself later for the unplugged mornings.

4. Drink a glass of water.
Replenish and refresh your body with a glass of water. Water boosts your metabolism, detoxes your body, and improves brain activity, so drink up first thing to start the day right!

5. Write down your tasks for the day in order to importance.
To-do lists keep you focused throughout the day. Doing this in the morning allows you to write down your tasks with a clear mind. What are your three to five most important tasks for the day? Right them down and get after them!

6. Eat something.
Some people are not breakfast people, but your kindergarten teacher wasn’t lying when she said it’s the most important meal of the day. Even if you don’t want a five-course meal, eat a little somethin’ somethin’ like an apple, banana, granola bar or yogurt. Your body needs fuel to be extraordinary and operate at its full potential all day.

7. Get movin'.
If you have time for a morning run or a fitness class, go for it! If your day starts a little too early and you can’t fit in a full-fledged workout, that’s fine! A few push-ups, a few squats, and some stretches are enough to get your blood pumping.

8. Start your day with some positivity.
This one is all about mindset. Write down some affirmations, jot down what you are thankful for, watch a motivational video, and/or listen to some positive music. Watching a few puppy videos is always a good idea, too. The good vibes and smiles will follow you into your day.

9. Maintain your boss attitude.
Walk into your day with a positive, can-do attitude. Only focus on the day ahead of you. Bosses often have a lot on their plates, and it can be overwhelming at times, but a great morning can set the tone for a great day.

Hope these tips help make your mornings a little less frantic and a little more awesome!

Yours truly,

Love Squad

Love Squad