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empowering you through conversations that educate and motivate.

Love Squad is an inclusive community using empowerment to champion diversity and inform through panel discussions and experiences to motivate our community to lead healthy lives and unleash their power.


Love Squad is a inclusive and diverse community to explore all things that we experience on a day to day basis in our personal and professional lives.


Our goal is motivate our readers to live healthier, fuller lives.

Whether it is by changing your perspective, pushing your limits, or improving your habits, we believe in finishing everything with Love. As the founder, Ally Love wears multiple hats: TV Host, Model, Creative Director, Producer, Writer, and Fitness/Dance Guru. Ally created Love Squad to share her own personal journey to find fulfillment, and it has evolved into a means to unite people from all walks of life around their shared love of career-building, health, and information. Ally is proof that we are capable of living complex and dynamic lives, and that we can have it all.