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Empowering YOU through Conversation + Sweat


Love Squad is an inclusive community using empowerment to champion diversity and inform through panel discussions and experiences to motivate our community to lead healthy lives and unleash their power.


Love SquaD Events


Our events bring our community together and provide access to resources and tools through our panels, workshops, & conversations to empower women to be their best selves.

Whether an imitate conversation for our community to experience dialogue with experts up close and personal and discuss important topics in detail or our series that includes a diverse group of women panelists on topics such as Building, Branding, and Bossing Up or workshops to help create new opportunity sets to pursue a career you love.


Love Squad

A time for us to connect our squad through sweat at a local studio or gym we partner with. This is an event where we come together and workout together! This experience will motivate you to lead a healthy life and unleash your power.


Conversations With…

An intimate conversation for our community to experience dialogue with experts up close and personal and discuss important topics, in detail. This event is will just be a conversation, no sweat included.


Love Squad

Love Squad has created a series connecting our community through conversation + sweat, a combination that empowers women to be the best versions of themselves. The community will workout together (sweat) and listen in on a panel (converse).


Shop Love Squad

We are excited to bring our latest apparel to our community near and far. We believe that a Love Squad experience extends beyond our events and is a mission to not only live daily but that we can all rep proudly.


brands we love


Saje Wellness

We carry with us our handy pocket size farmacy with our favorite essential oil blends to get us through the day. Check out their number one best seller Peppermint Halo—a refreshingly cool and invigorating blend of peppermint, lavender and rosemary to support your wellness.


Erin Condren

Our good friends over at Erin Condren gives us life with their planners, notebooks, pens, stickers—you name it! Erin Condren is also a total BOSS. As a small business, we look for inspiration everywhere so why not in the things that keep us organized? Our favorites are the Life Planners and colorful double tipped pens, it's fun and functional!


Dear Mom Wine Co.

We get down to business, but like to wine down from time to time and celebrate life's special moments. Dear Mom was founded to pay homage to the women who create us, who inspire us to dream, who hold us tight when we are cold, who lift us when we have fallen, and who give us hugs and kisses and high-fives when we thrive—and we LOVE that!


Meet Our Founder

Ally Love wears multiple hats: TV Host, Model, Creative Director, Producer, Writer, and Fitness/Dance Guru. She is known to break the rules to empower others through positivity, motivation, and confidence.

Ally created Love Squad as a space where real conversations and change can occur through monthly events where she hosts and moderates panels around women empowerment. She believes that our differences make us unique but our will to be better brings us together.