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What The F!? Fertile Health & Egg Freezing Workshop
6:30 PM18:30

What The F!? Fertile Health & Egg Freezing Workshop

Join us at Trellis for a workshop where Founder, Ally Love, will be talking with Trellis' CMO Jennifery Huang discussing fertile health and egg fertility. We'll be breaking off into small groups to dive deeper into conversation surrounding the topic. 

Love Squad and Trellis will be offering free fertility assessments for 5 people (typically a $350 offer).  The Trellis fertility assessment includes a 1:1 discussion with our fertility doctor, vaginal ultrasound to give the doctor a full look at your fertile health, in-depth conversation with our fertility coach and customized fertility plan.

Other attendees will have the opportunity to do a free fertility testing on site and receive an offer of $99 consult with special code! Fertility testing includes a simple blood test which will give our fertility doctor an initial look at your fertile health by providing them with your AMH score, or anti Mullerian hormone, a protein made by early eggs in the ovaries. AMH can be an indicator of the number of eggs available in the ovaries. REGISTER HERE!

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