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Love Squad combines panel discussions with group workouts to motivate attendees to lead healthy lives and unleash their power.


Exploration of topics such as body image, political issues and financial independence allows us to learn from each other and reclaim agency over our physical, mental and professional well-being. We cherish the diversity of the bodies and souls we embrace so much, so our hosted events are elevated, effective and real. We believe in being multifaceted, speaking truth to power, uplifting others, and finishing everything we do with Love.


PAST events


Love Squad Workshops

A fun, liberating, and sometimes vulnerable way for our community to create relationships, gather new information, and gain greater skills, Workshops are a time for the Squad to connect through physical experiences. These events involve the larger groups breaking down into smaller round table to go deeper into the work.


Conversations With…

An intimate conversation for our community to experience dialogue with experts up close and personal and discuss important topics, in detail. Most of us know that advice from experts can be costly, so we’ve stepped up to offer this information in a form that is comfortable, close, and safe, and most importantly beneficial.


Love Squad

As a combination of all that we offer at Love Squad, including but not limited to workshops, and Conversations With.. our Series is the ultimate way we can empowers women to be the best version of themselves. Series are our largest event, as we make a day out of impacting our community through all things Love Squad loves; usually happens bi-annually.