Time to Marie Kondo your Instagram Feed!


Hello there, lovely squad!

Spring is here and that means everyone is getting their spring cleaning on! Woo! Exciting! OK, maybe not the most exciting, but it’s important.

When the warmer weather arrives, many people want to reset with some decluttering. Yes, “spring cleaning” usually refers to people cleaning their physical spaces, but what about the virtual ones??

Many of us are glued to our phones and many of us have Instagram accounts. Similar to how you don’t want to be surrounded by unnecessary clutter, you don’t want your mind to be filled with unnecessary clutter either.
With that being said, welcome to…

How to Marie Kondo Your Instagram!!

In the introductory video on her homepage, Marie Kondo asserts, “Tidying leads to a life that is peaceful and full of joy.” With that in mind, she urges people to, “Choose to keep only the things that speak to your heart and let go of everything else.”

So let’s listen to what the Wonder Woman of organization says and choose Instagram joy!

Alrighty, you follow a motivational fitness account that makes you wanna take charge of your day go hard at the gym. Oh yeah, keep those vibes going and continue to follow. Keep!

On the other hand, you follow a random Instagram model that only brags about all the junk she can eat without gaining a pound. Sure, her bikinis are cute, but her endless self-absorption makes you feel insecure. Time to say goodbye to the random girl. Unfollow!

You also love food and cooking. Where else are you gonna find all those yummy recipes to try. Keep!

OK, next one! You still follow the ex that made you cry all the time. No need for that in your life. Unfollow!

You also follow that coworker that you didn’t really get along with, but you followed because she or he followed you first. Guess what? You don’t have an obligation to that person. Unfollow!

Oh wow, this is so much fun. We feel better already, don’t you?!

Bottom line is, if it doesn’t contribute to your happiness, then get rid of it. You need to surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you feel good, so no need to keep any negative people in your brain space (or on your feed) either.

Happy decluttering!
Love Squad

Love Squad