Meet and Love: Satya Scainetti

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Happy May, squad!

What better way to start the month than with some boss inspiration? Meet Satya Scainetti.

After a month-long yoga training in the Bahamas, she was given her spiritual name Satya, which means "truth" in Sanskrit. Her dream became to design jewelry that matched all truths so people would always be reminded to live theirs. Seventeen years later, she is the founder and CEO of a very successful jewelry company called Satya Jewelry, and her Satya Foundation has raised more than a million dollars to benefit children around the world.

You all know how much we love to support our female-founded businesses, so we were very excited to learn more about this boss.

1. First, tell us a little about yourself.

First and foremost, I am spiritual woman who can move mountains with my faith. I am a mother of two amazing twin boys who are the loves of my life.  I founded this awesome company, Satya Jewelry, 17 years ago that has inspired many and has given me the ability to make a social impact for children and families all over the world for almost two decades.

2. How and why did you decide to start your own business?

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My grandfathers on both sides, my father and all four of my siblings have their own businesses.  It is part of my DNA.


3. Aside from leading you to your business, how have yoga and meditation impacted you?

It has developed me into the woman I am today and I really like her. My ability to manage all that I do and be a single mother of twins - I could not do it without my practice. It has become part of me and all of me at the same time. 

With that, it’s not that I am on a yoga mat all the time, but I live in the moment and I take a breath before I respond to adversity or challenge. It allows me to show up in a way that is a win-win for all.

4. When it comes to design, what is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is from all of my travels over the years to India, Thailand, Istanbul, and more. All of the different cultures bring new objects, symbols and color. It is at the point where I see jewelry in everything that I am attracted to. It’s really fun!

5. How would you describe your jewelry's aesthetic in one word? Why?


My dream was to design jewelry of all truths (Satya), so that each person could find a piece that spoke their individual truth that inspired and reminded them to live that truth. Our tag line is Designed for the (Your) Journey.

6. What has been the biggest adversity you've overcome as a founder? How did you overcome it?

My biggest adversity was learning to be more discerning. I live from my heart, so naturally I trust and want to believe in everyone. You cannot do this in business because people have their own objectives and not always your best interest in mind, even if they work for you. I am working on being more up-front and asking clearly for what I need from people. It is a work in progress, for sure.

7. On your 'About' page, you say you design with the "fearless woman in mind." What is a fear you have overcome during your journey?

I think I was always afraid of my own power, and it allowed many people to take advantage of me as a result. I have had so much adversity in my life, and at this point, my fear has left. I have learnt to embrace each challenge as they come and see them as opportunities to grow and pay it forward. The jewelry and the symbols remind us of our fearless, powerful selves.


8. As a founder, what has been your proudest boss moment?

My proudest boss moments happen when go to India and see the children that we as a company have helped. With their smiling faces that radiate gratitude and love, I am beyond proud.

9. What led you to donate so much to children's charities?

I went to school for early childhood education and social work, and my plan was to help children reach their highest potential. I always believed from a young age, that children have the capacity to make the changes that are needed to create a happy world.

Changing my career and becoming a jewelry designer and manufacturer helped me to make the impact I had hoped for. The Satya Foundation was formed two years after the business was founded.

10. What is your favorite piece in your latest collection? Why?

I love the Mandala Zodiac collection.  Each zodiac sign features the constellation of stars of when you are born with the brightest star being your birthstone. It is so beautiful, unique and an amazing conversation piece. I was always excited to design jewelry that inspired a deeper conversation around fashion. This one is one of those pieces as people will always notice it and ask about it. It’s really awesome to watch the dialogue.

Thank you, Satya, for answering our questions and helping women and children everywhere!

Pieces from the Satya Mandala Zodiac Collection. Each piece is beautiful and personal and perfect for Mother’s Day which is right around the corner! They’re available now on the Satya website, so go take a look!

Pieces from the Satya Mandala Zodiac Collection. Each piece is beautiful and personal and perfect for Mother’s Day which is right around the corner! They’re available now on the Satya website, so go take a look!

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