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Love Squad combines panel discussions with group workouts to motivate attendees to lead healthy lives and unleash their power.


Exploration of topics such as body image, political issues and financial independence allows us to learn from each other and reclaim agency over our physical, mental and professional well-being. We cherish the diversity of the bodies and souls we embrace so much, so our hosted events are elevated, effective and real. We believe in being multifaceted, speaking truth to power, uplifting others, and finishing everything we do with Love.




PAST events


Love Squad Workshops

A time for us to connect our squad through sweat at a local studio or gym we partner with. This is an event where we come together and workout together! This experience will motivate you to lead a healthy life and unleash your power.


Conversations With…

An intimate conversation for our community to experience dialogue with experts up close and personal and discuss important topics, in detail. This event is will just be a conversation, no sweat included.


Love Squad

Love Squad has created a series connecting our community through conversation + sweat, a combination that empowers women to be the best versions of themselves. The community will workout together (sweat) and listen in on a panel (converse).